10 Minute Stress-Busting Workout


By: Lina Midla

Well it's Monday all over again and you fire up your computer and are greeted with an onslaught of emails, your to-do list multiplies and deadlines begin to loom. All of a sudden heaps of anxiety overwhelm you, you're having a hard time remembering to breathe and you've now got a full-blown case of the Mondays! So since you feel like jumping out of your skin, let’s do it together, and lets make it productive!

I wrote out a quick and challenging workout to help you physically work through some of that mental and emotional stress and provide you with a healthy rush of feel-good endorphins. So go ahead, take a 10 minute break, try this quick workout, and get back to work with a clearer head and better attitude — at least that’s how I felt after doing it!


10 Minute Stress-Busting Workout

  • 30 seconds of Burpees. Full chest-to-ground-move explosively, power through your hips. Find a cadence and try to keep it or speed up every few burpees. Make sure your feet leave the ground and clap and celebrate at the top! If full burpees are not your jam, walk or jump the feet back to a high plank jump or walk them back up and jump to celebrate at the top. Physically this movement is great to work the muscles and get the heart-rate up, and mentally/emotionally it's a great reminder to get back up when ever you find yourself down.
  • 30 seconds of Jumping Jacks. Throw as many “A” Jacks in there as you can (that means jumping off the ground with both feet opening the legs in the air and landing with the legs closed again – like a midair snow angel). For this movement focus on the precision. It feels really good to move the body all at once in lines and rhythmically, it will help you begin to feel like everything is in order.
  • 30 seconds of Hand-release Push-Ups. Get that chest all the way down to the ground release the hands from the ground squeezing your shoulder blades together, then press back down and exhale as you come up. For each repetition envision pushing your worries and stress further and further away from you.
  • 30 seconds of Butterfly Sit-Ups. Bring your feet into a butterfly position, sit all the way up and lay all the way back arms overhead. Move explosively through the hips each repetition and get as many reps as you can. When performing these sit-ups, feel the strength that your belly generates and embrace it. Your strength lies in your gut, so challenge it so you can get back to work feeling grounded and strong from the center of your being.

[REPEAT this circuit 4 times for a grand total of 8 minutes]

Then, finish the workout with:

  • 1 minute Plank hold. To make it more challenging, make it a forearm plank hold, or an extended full arm plank with the arms extended long in front of you. Find your peace and calm in the burn, feel your strength in the stillness.
  • 20 seconds of Squat Jumps 10 seconds. Rest. Repeat. As you jump feel yourself taking your mood, your day, and your career to the next level!

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