10 Must-See Family-Friendly Places in Washington D.C.

Image via WCSR

Image via WCSR

By Susan "Honey" Good

Tighten the bonds with your extended family, your Grands! What better way, darlings, than to travel with them over the summer! I am certain there are plans underway in thousands of Grandparent’s homes across America to visit cities, especially in our own country.

With so many threatening problems abroad, and so many political campaigns crisscrossing our land, I can think of no better place to take your Grands than to Washington, DC.

I speak from experience when I suggest consulting a tour company to help you plan and guide you and the Grands through Washington DC. I recommend Tauck Tours because I have traveled with this group and they have, in my opinion, the best of the best tours for grandparents and their Grands. Check out their web page: www.tauck.com.

Traveling in Washington is packed full of so many educational adventures. I have traveled to this fabulous city several times and there never seem to be enough hours in the day to explore the city's incredible sights.

That is why I suggest a guide. Traveling with a guide lets you travel stress free because every minute of the trip is well planned for you and your Grands.

I guarantee you a wonderful, educational, and fun-filled learning adventure with the Grandkids if you travel with Tauck or another tour company of your choice. I suggest choosing a tour company that has a family division.  

 If you decide to plan a trip to Washington, DC without the service of a travel company let me help you. I will be your travel guide!

 I can highly recommend, from my personal experience, the following Washington, DC must-sees...  

Image via Ed Tech

Image via Ed Tech


  1. ABRAHAM LINCOLN MEMORIAL. I suggest you visit at night. It is a gorgeous and impressive.
  2. THE WHITE HOUSE. Call way in advance for a tour.
  3. THE FORD THEATRE WHERE LINCOLN WAS ASSASSINATED. Plan your tour before or after lunch because you can lunch nearby with your Grands.
  6. A PERFORMANCE AT THE KENNEDY CENTER. A must do!  Check the scheduled performances and plan your trip around a performance of choice.
  7. ARLINGTON CEMETERY AND THE KENNEDY MEMORIAL: Every American must visit Arlington and the Kennedy Memorial.
  8. SMITHSONIAN INSTITUTE: You cannot do it all. So study the exhibits before your trip and have a definite plan. Trust me on this!!
  9. THE HOLOCAUST MUSEUM: Grands should see this side of life. It affected the entire world.
  10. MOUNT VERNON. A long drive but well worth the trip! I have visited several times. Every time is special. 
Image via Suburban Tours

Image via Suburban Tours

It is hard to travel through the city of Washington, DC. There is just so much to see. You will spend more money taking a tour, but it will be so well spent. You will be organized. You will be able to let a company be in charge of the trip and that will allow you and your Grands to enjoy a great experience as a family. That is the purpose.

Spring and summer are the most beautiful times of the year to visit the Nation’s Capitol.  For those of you who decide to visit, I promise you that everyone in your family, to include yourselves, darlings, will come home educated and proud of the capitol of our great country.

Bon Voyage, darlings!