10 Summer Vacations for Families


Traveling with children over the summer is a valuable time to bond, learn and love together. Here are some summer vacations that come recommended from yours truly:

  1. GRACELAND: is the home and museum of Elvis Presley, which is in Memphis and close to the Grand Ole Opry in Nashville. Also close by is the Bill Clinton Library in Little Rock, Arkansas. You can travel your way through the south by car to get a mix of fun and education.
  2. HAWAII: There are so many wonderful things to do in Hawaii. I suggest touring the Big Island of Hawaii by car. Make sure to visit the small village of Kona and then on to the City of Refuge and the on to the Volcanic National Park which should be one of the wonders of the world and then to the Black Sand Beach where the sand is lava. When you get hungry, head to the Parker Ranch, which is the largest cattle ranch in America for a steak dinner. Of course, you cannot leave the Islands without a stop on Maui and visiting the charming town of Lahaina. Visit Haleakala Volcano and go whale watching and snorkeling. On Oahu, visit Pearl Harbor, Waikiki Beach and Hanauma Bay known for its snorkeling and the North Shore known for its giant waves and surfer sightseeing.
  3. LONDON: This is the best first European Trip with grandchildren. From Buckingham Palace to the changing of the Guards and Westminster Abbey to London Bridge and the Eye, the list of London attractions goes on and on. And, there will be no language barriers, because everyone speaks English!
  4. CAPRI, ITALY: Have the experience of Italy on an Island. Take cooking classes with your grandchildren and art classes. Go to www.Paintingincapri.com. Capri's blue waters are so dense in salt that you can almost float in it!
  5. WASHINGTON DC: Our Nation's Capitol is a wonderful learning experience from driving to Mount Vernon (the home of George Washington) to visiting the Ford Theater where President Lincoln was assassinated.
  6. NEW YORK: On to New York on the great train that goes through Maryland and other states into New York’s Grand Central Station. Take a buggy ride in Central Park; go to the top of the Empire State Building; a ride by boat out to the Statute of Liberty, go to Ellis Island where all of our ancestors landed and do not miss Broadway!
  7. THE NATIONAL PARKS: From Glacier National Park and Mount Rushmore to Yellowstone National Park and the Grand Canyon, these are the greatest family adventures.
  8. THE PRESIDENTIAL LIBRARIES. These are rather difficult to visit all of them because they are far apart but for teenage grandchildren with an interest in politics it is the best. I personally have visited The Clinton, Kennedy, Nixon and Reagan. The Reagan is so computerized that kids will really appreciate the experience. They will have their own iPod with headsets. They can listen and take photos. Air Force One is on display that you can enter.
  9. ALASKA. A family adventure with dog sled riding, salmon fishing, glaciers galore and a happy time on board a ship with grandparents and grandchildren.
  10. ISRAEL: The birthplace of the three religions. The beginning of life - GOD.