2016: Don't Forget To...

By: Honey Good

A new year, new opportunities. This year is ripe with opportunity, darlings but don't forget to...

  1. Wear bright lipstick.
  2. Take a walk.
  3. Kiss your spouse.
  4. Call a long distance friend more regularly. 
  5. Start eating breakfast.
  6. Try a new ethnic cuisine.
  7. Buy a juicer.
  8. Buy the shoes. Just buy those darn shoes you've been lusting over.
  9. Eat more greens.
  10. Take a nap.
  11. Go see a foreign film.
  12. Shop local.
  13. Leave the past in the past.
  14. Invest your time in friends who make you feel good.
  15. Laugh!
  16. Facetime your grandchildren.
  17. Purge anything you haven't worn in six months.
  18. Have a glass of red wine nightly.
  19. Forgive and forget.
  20. Say thank you to everyone you meet.
  21. Write a letter...a real letter. No email!
  22. Plan a monthly lunch with girlfriends.
  23. Travel...anywhere!
  24. Wear color.
  25. Say a prayer in good times and in bad times.
  26. Listen to a podcast.
  27. Spend a day helping others...soup kitchens, hospitals, schools.
  28. Smile - even on the hardest days.
  29. Pay a compliment to a perfect stranger daily.
  30. Listen with intent.
  31. Cook a new recipe.
  32. Disconnect from your iPad, iPhone, computer, etc.
  33. Floss your teeth.
  34. Walk a flea market!
  35. Take up Bridge.
  36. Grow an herb garden.
  37. Plan a weekly date night with your spouse.
  38. Host a dinner party "just because."
  39. Learn french...why not?
  40. Take a drive.