3 Ways to Live a Happy and Healthy Life


Older patients are not as likely than their younger counterparts to report symptoms associated with anxiety disorders to their doctors, according to the Anxiety and Depression Association of America. Stress can lead to memory loss, weakening of the immune system, and fatigue in seniors if not properly addressed. Finding ways to relax will not only prolong life, but enrich your "golden years" by negating chronic stress associated with money, loss of spouse, and other issues.

Tackle Arthritis

The 2013 National Health Interview Survey found that 75 million American adults are dealing with arthritis. Half of people diagnosed with arthritis are 65 years of age or older, according to the National Academy On An Aging Society. Whether you've been diagnosed with rheumatoid or osteoarthritis (the two most common types), joint stiffness and pain are surely major issues in your normal, daily activities.

Hot tubs can serve several purposes when it comes to mitigating arthritis pain. The warm water and its ability to keep your limbs afloat without expending much energy combine to relieve arthritic symptoms and leave you stress-free. Try doing some range of motion exercises with your hands, wrists, and knees. Some people do yoga poses while relaxing in the hot tub while others simply perform calisthenic stretches.The more you exercise the affected areas, the less pain and stiffness you'll suffer. Sometimes, simply allowing yourself a little rest and relaxation is best. Slip into your hot tub with spa accessories like cushions and pillows for ultimate comfort and relaxation. Either way, always make certain the water is not too hot and that you drink plenty of fluids throughout.


A great debate is ongoing as to whether your thoughts can improve health. Dr. Gail Ironson of University of Miami (Florida) told NPR in 2009 that she has seen extraordinary results from thought therapy. One of her patients, Sheri Kaplan, was diagnosed with HIV nearly two decades ago. She neither developed AIDS nor experienced any negative symptoms despite never taking any drugs for the disease. Kaplan credits her faith in God and daily prayer for her fortunate health.

You don't necessary have to be religious to reap the benefits of thought therapy. Visualization allows seniors to go anywhere they desire in their minds. The white sandy beaches of South Carolina or the crystal clear waters of the Caribbean are within reach at any time, any day for those with the proper mindset.

Visualization requires preparation for it to be effective. Make sure you concretely identify what you want. Concentrate on one thing at a time. You may want to visit Hawaii, the Mediterranean, and Australia, but you cannot be in three places at once.

Good Relaxation recommends taking steps to fulfill these thoughts as well. Before projecting yourself to the Rocky Mountains in Colorado, open a new savings account and make a deposit into it. Every time you visualize your vacation, put a little more money in the account to build towards the goal.

Get Out There

Loneliness is a killer and research continue to show its negative effects on the human psyche. A 2010 study published in the journal PLOS Medicine found a 50 percent decrease in mortality rates for individuals who had strong social relationships.

Aging brings with it the inevitable reality of losing loved ones, including a spouse. The mourning period will vary from person-to-person. But at some point you have to accept the fact that companionship is vital to human health. Dating is now easier than ever with the internet and seniors are no exception to this rule.

Researchers at Bowling Green University found in 2013 that Americans over 60 are the fastest growing online dating demographic in America. It certainly won't hurt to create a profile on one of the many senior dating websites out there. Have fun with it, while also exercising common sense as it pertains to meeting people online.