The Best Mother's Day Present

By: Honey Good

 | Your flowers get tossed, the vase goes on the shelf; your letter is a forever |

The best gift you can give your mother on Mother’s Day is a handwritten letter on your personal stationary. You don’t have to stand in front of the Mother’s Day card section at Papyrus, my favorite card shop, to find a card. You don’t have to search for presents online or shop till you drop! Why? There is nothing your mother will enjoy more than words written from your heart.

I am aware that some mother-daughter relationships are rocky. I also know that some of you have trouble expressing your thoughts in words. I will help you, possibly, solve your problem.

This is the day you have a perfect opportunity to mend your fences. This is the day you can figure out how to express your thoughts on paper.  Instead of letting Papyrus cards express your thoughts; pen your personal feelings.

 I have a few suggested topics to start you on your way.

  • Thank her for her sacrifice and love.
  • Acknowledge a special memory.
  • An apology.
  • Write about your bond.
  •  Pen about her values that became your values and your children’s and shaped you into the woman you are today.
  • Distinguish her as the most “fabuloushness” mother in the world.

I wrote this blog because, as the MOM of two daughters, I have been the recipient of letters from Jenny and Lizzie. They are treasured gifts carefully put away in my memory drawer. Yes, I really do have a memory drawer!

I write often about the value of giving gifts from the heart.  My mother will receive a Mother’s Day letter from me, again this year. I know she will place it in her memory drawer.

“Like mother, like daughter.” I am my mother’s daughter!

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