4 Apps to Help You Save at the Grocery Store


By: Kiley Peters

Whether you are the mom of a toddler or are busy raising three teenage boys, you probably know how expensive it can be to feed everyone in your family. Even a quick trip to the grocery store for a couple items can set you back more than you thought. In order to get as much bang for your buck as possible, you might already be clipping coupons, buying items on sale and limiting how much you eat out. Now, thanks to the proliferation of apps, it’s quite possible to transform your electronics into money saving machines. This quartet of apps will help make a tangible difference in how much you are paying for groceries:

Grocery Pal

If your plethora of mom duties is preventing you from looking through the weekly ads, Grocery Pal is the perfect app for you. The app allows you to browse through the weekly sale ads for a huge list of stores including VONS, Target and CVS. You can compare prices from multiple stores and add sale items to your shopping list. It is available for Apple, Android and Windows phones.

Out of Milk

As a mom who is trying to save money on groceries, it can be immensely frustrating to buy certain items, only to come home and find that you already had them in your pantry. The Out Of Milk app is described by the iTunes store as the “best shopping list app for your phone.” In addition to helping you organize and create a shopping list, it helps you keep track of what you already have on hand by creating an inventory of your pantry and fridge. By having an organized list and purchasing the things that you actually need, you will end up saving money.

Coupon Sherpa

The free Coupon Sherpa app, which is available for both Android and Apple devices, can really help you save money every time you go to the store. It features hundreds of mobile coupons from a wide variety of retailers that you can instantly download and use. You can search by category or by store and instantly download and use any applicable coupons. Plus, you can save paper and the time it takes to clip coupons by showing the retailer the bar code on your phone.


The Pushpins app is a terrific way to figure out if any of the items you are buying have a coupon available. When you arrive at the grocery store, you “check in” with the app and start scanning what you put in your cart. If there is a coupon that you can use—like for the huge box of Cheerios that your kids will devour in one day—the Pushpins app will let you know. Then, simply tap on the screen to get instant access to the savings. As a bonus, if you are stuck on what to make for dinner, the app also has thousands of recipes to choose from. It even includes different types of cuisine and dietary restrictions so it works for everyone.