4 April Fool’s Work Pranks


By Mary Sue Somyak. Laughter is such a fantastic medicine. When we laugh we reap physical, cognitive and emotional benefits. Personally, laughing brings me joy. In a similar vein, I also love a good gag. Any harmless joke makes my day, especially if it happens at work as a way to change things up and make a potentially dull day a little brighter. Jokes can only go so far, though, before humor can flirt the line with inappropriate. Making people smile is not worth a reprimand from a manager, so it is important to consider the work environment and culture when you think of a prank. As April Fools Day is a week away, I compiled a list of April Fool's work pranks that are fun, easy, harmless and won’t produce a pink slip.

  1. Wrap it. This is especially fun in a cubicle environment. Grab some of your leftover holiday wrapping paper and go to town, covering the computer monitor, the desk chair and cubicle walls. Be careful who you choose to prank and check the office calendar to ensure there aren’t any important in-office client meetings.
  2. Trick with tech. Print out and display a seemingly reputable instruction sheet that showcases the “new features” on the office printer and how it is now voice-activated. Watch as your co-workers yell at the printer more than usual.
  3. Tease with treats. OK so this is a little mean, but you could buy some onions and make “caramel apples” for your co-workers. Maybe have some mints for them after they fall for it.
  4. Simply Stump. Just in case your work environment isn’t exactly a prime location for a prank, consider something small for a select few comrades in comedy. The easiest is impairing a co-worker’s computer mouse. Simply place a sticky note over the sensor. They will not be able to use it and you will be able to silently snicker knowing you won.

Practical jokes and pranks can have a place in the workplace, if you plan carefully and if you have playful co-workers. Tread lightly and keep the jokes tasteful for your work environment. Or you could just take a chance and put a whoopee cushion on your boss’ desk chair in an important meeting. Just kidding.

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