4 Home Decorating Products to Help You Save


By Sue Pitchforth. Saving time and money – words all homeowners love to hear! We all have a dollar amount that we set aside for decorating or updating our home. Of course we would all love to accomplish as much as we can with the dollars we have, so the question is: how do we stretch our dollars?

My passion is helping homeowners update their homes by getting the look without breaking the bank. Here are some of my favorite and most popular tips:

  1. Update your kitchen. Are your kitchen cupboards dated? Can’t afford to spend thousands on a new kitchen? I have a solution for you: paint. Paint is the quickest and least expensive way to update your cupboards. No special skills required – just the right paint, some patience, you can transform your cupboards and increase the value of your home very easily. I know it is probably a shock for some homeowners to think about painting their cupboards, but trust me, it will look amazing. Why not try painting your bathroom vanity first and see what you think? Here are a few tips on painting your cupboards and a few more tips on making sure your paint colors work together!
  2. Update your hardware. After you have painted your cupboards make sure that you select new hardware to add that final updated touch to your project. There are so many styles to choose from!
  3. Modernize your fireplace and air vents. Do you have an old dated brass fireplace surround or beaten up air vents and you don’t want to spend a fortune replacing them? Spray paint them with a metal Rustoleum spray paint in black or metal to tie into your décor. It’s the best $10.00 you will spend and it can be purchased at any big box store.
  4. Experiment with window treatments. Do you have a window in your front door? Sidelights that you don’t know how to cover? Bathroom windows you’d like to have for privacy but still let the light in? Window film just might be your answer for some of these tricky home decor dilemmas. I love using this product as it is cost effective, very easy to install, letting in light while providing privacy. It comes in a variety of designs but my favorite is the frosted glass – once it is installed you don’t even know it is there.

I hope that I have inspired you to think about using some of these ideas. There’s nothing better than being proud of your home and the work you have put into making it your own. Get ready to be amazed!