4 Simple Words That Will Change Your Relationships With Men After 50

4 Simple Words That Will Change Your Relationships With Men After 50

By Lisa Copeland, Guest Contributor

If you want an Alpha Man in your life – and most of my clients who are Alpha Women always tell me they do – what I’m going to share with you today is important information you’ll want to know and remember.

At work, my client, Elizabeth is an Alpha Female.

She’s good at what she does and knows how to get a job done quickly and efficiently.

But in her private life, she is unable to flip the switch back to her feminine side.

What happens is that her Alpha characteristics of telling men what to do and how to do it start showing up in her dating life.

Nothing pushes a man away faster than a woman who sounds like his mother once did when she told him what to do in his teens!

I shared 4 simple words with Elizabeth that would change her life with men forever if she used them.

Elizabeth wasn’t ready to practice these 4 simple words just yet in a dating situation.

Instead, she decided to try them out with the men at work figuring she had nothing to lose.

She had a meeting scheduled with the CEO of a major corporation.

In the past, she’d have come into the meeting much like a bull in a china shop.

She’d have pushed and pushed until he either relented and signed on the dotted line or he told her firmly no way.

This time Elizabeth decided she’d take a more feminine approach and use those 4 simple words…. "I NEED YOUR HELP," to get his cooperation.

Alpha men whether it's business or pleasure want to make women feel safe and protected.

Most women compete with men like Elizabeth did with orders and pushing which makes it hard for a man to step up and meet your needs.

Instead, you want to know how to trigger the hero response in him to make this happen.

Elizabeth consciously made a decision to wear softer feminine business clothing to this meeting versus her usual black suit which screamed ALPHA FEMALE.

She took a breath and slowed herself down as she walked into the meeting.

She shook the CEO’s hand, and instead of shoving papers in his face, she triggered his hero response by using the 4 magic words…I need your help.

She was astonished by what happened next.

He stepped up and within 5 minutes the deal was sealed.

They spent the next hour talking and at the end of their meeting,  he told her to call on him anytime.  He’d be happy to help her.

Elizabeth witnessed what every woman witnesses when she consciously flips the switch to her feminine side. Men begin stepping over themselves to help her.

You can have this in your life too.

Your feminine side is about giving less, learning to ask for help when you need it and allowing yourself to receive from men with gratitude and appreciation.

When you do, men will feel like you get them and they’ll want to connect with you on that emotional level they crave with a woman.

Hope you’ll let me know how these 4 Simple Words I shared with you are changing your life with men.

Lisa Copeland - Author

Lisa Copeland is known as the expert on over 50's dating. She's the best-selling author of The Winning Dating Formula For Women Over 50 and her mission is to help as many women around the world as she can discover how to have fun dating and finding their Mr. Right after 50. To get your FREE Report, "5 Little Known Secrets To Find A Quality Man," visit www.findaqualityman.com.

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