5 Lessons Learned from a Mom


By Carole Montgomery. Each new year makes me look back on my life and wonder. I find myself asking if I did the right thing there, should I have said no to that or yes to this, did I mess up my child by....well....anything? Everyone has regrets. The key to life is to keep going though. Because guess what, most days are pretty normal. With that said, I present to you my lessons learned that I am going to try my best to adhere to in 2015.

  1. Stop worrying about losing that last 10 pounds, believe me when you get to my age you won’t be able to. The fact is, if you live in a cold climate, it really does keep you insulated.
  2. Do more. If there is something you really want to do, DO IT. Don’t wait. One day you’re 20 and then next you’re looking at 60. And yes, to my youngins, it happens that fast.
  3. Let your kid be. Your kid is going to be whoever he or she is supposed to be. So many of us live vicariously through our kids. So much so that your life slips away and the kid ends up doing what they want no matter what.
  4. Stop the guilt. Stop feeling guilty that you missed that one game or didn’t get them the latest toy. When I packed up my house from Las Vegas to move back to New York there were dozens of bins filled with all of my son’s “prized” possessions. I asked him what he wanted to do with it. He shrugged...it all went to Goodwill.
  5. Just live life. To quote John LennonLife is what happens to you while your busy making other plans” That’s the toughest thing for me to remember as day to day life happens, but it’s so true. Just yesterday I gave birth to a baby boy...he’s 23 next month. It happens so fast. So just live it as best you can. Savor every moment...and take lots of photos.