5 Reasons To Workout Besides Wanting A Six-Pack


By: Lina Midla

Hey readers, I'm the new kid on the block and I'm so excited to become part of this awesome community! Let me tell you a little about myself. I'm a woman on a mission. A mission to help you see the strength, power, beauty and unique gifts that you possess. So today, I'm going to help you shift your perception of fitness away from the washboard abs, the toned arms and the impossible standards. Today we talk about FIVE REAL reasons you should be be working out!

  1. Getting sweaty feels good. This is hands down one of the top reasons I workout. I love immersing all of myself into hard work and getting instant feedback in the form of sweat. Sweating is so cleansing, detoxifying, beautiful and powerful. Seriously, sweat is sexy. Hearing your heartbeat in your ears is sexy. Knowing that you just made your body healthier, stronger, and more bad ass is just straight-up beautiful. Embrace the sweat and feel the power.
  2. Build a strong connection between mind and body. Lack of body awareness can make you more prone to injury. As an instructor, I get many clients come through my door who are unaware of their bodies. We immediately start to work on drawing attention to the breath, the core, the feeling of the muscles working and burning. Working out the body while engaging the mind teaches us to tune in and take stock of what's going on with us. The stronger the connection becomes, the better we begin to move and the stronger, more stable and less injury prone we become.
  3. Practice for real life. I take things I learn from exercise into the other aspects of my life. When repetitions get difficult, I remind myself that the recovery is coming. This reminds me of my stressful periods of work. I know that if I hunker down and push through with determination and dedication, rest and reprieve will be on the other side. In the gym I push myself outside of my comfort zone. When I push myself, I discover new things I didn't even know I could do. I try to apply this to my out of gym life as well. Take the physical and mental challenges you face in your workouts and see how applicable they really are to the rest of your life.
  4. It's therapeutic. I always tell my clients that they can work through their thoughts, emotions, struggles, frustrations and excitements through their bodies. When sprinting, I like to encourage them to sprint toward their goals and ambitions letting go of the worries weighing them down. When we stretch we breathe into all of our tension physical/mental/emotional and release it. Using your body to work through emotions is extremely therapeutic and beneficial.
  5. It's "me" time.  In today's modern world of instant messages, email on our phones and Snapchat it becomes easy to be available for everyone always. Your workout is YOUR time. You get to work on building, recharging, reshaping and redefining yourself without any other cares in the world. You get to make yourself better inside and out, which inevitably will make you a better, stronger, more confident friend/wife/mother/sister/etc.

So there you have it friends, five game changing reasons to workout. Doesn't it make your goal of six-pack abs feel, well, a little silly? Wouldn't you rather workout because it feels good, makes you stronger, provides you with mental clarity, and an opportunity to whole heartedly invest in yourself? If you take nothing else from this article take this: "Fitness isn't about defining your abs or your arms. It's about defining YOURSELF from the inside out." - Size Strong Mantra

Photo Credit: Britt Leigh Design + Photography

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