6 Items for Your Holiday Wish List


By: Lauren Ashley Smith

Let’s get real: magazines, blogs and ads are constantly telling us what items we “must have.” Maybe it’s just me, but often those lists and recommendations don’t exactly fit with real life: not real life budgets, not real lifestyle and certainly not real life needs. Now, however, you have a real live woman (and not an ad revenue-generating robot) here to tell you what fashion and beauty items you absolutely must have on your holiday list, and if you don’t get them, well, they’re affordable enough for you to grab for yourself!

  1. Ear jackets – As far as jewelry is concerned, ear jackets are the new It Thing. You wear them just like a regular earring, but they cover more territory and they’re a great way to say, “I’m edgy, but not edgy enough to get four extra holes punched in my ear.” Everyone wins.
  2. Sephora’s Instant Nail Polish RemoverWhile it’s hard to imagine finding anything remarkable about nail polish remover, imagine this: you’ve got a good four coats of lacquer on your nails and you don’t have ten minutes, five cotton balls and a wealth of elbow grease to devote to removing it. That’s where Sephora’s truly instant (and truly magical) nail polish remover comes in. The effects of this product simply cannot be overstated. All it takes is a lazy dip of each finger into the cylindrical bottle’s center to take off even the most stubborn, glittery and thick polish you have. If you get anything on this list, make it this.
  3. Mixed media clothes – Stay with me here. I know the term “mixed media clothing” can seem intimidating. Frankly, it’s obnoxious; what does “mixed media” even mean, anyway? “Mixed media” is basically an elevated term for any clothing item that combines multiple textures or materials; think leather and cotton, lace and silk, studs and wool. One of my favorite mixed media items of the moment is this sweatshirt with leather paneling.
  4. Flo & Theo’s Vegan Skin Care ProductsTry to forget that I just told you to purchase a sweatshirt covered in leather. Right now, we’ve moved on to the best soaps, scrubs, and lotions that you’ll ever find; and they’re all 100% natural and vegan. The brand is the brainchild of two sisters from Nigeria, and I’m a huge fan of their Wild Mint Bar soap. It smells amazing and leaves your skin feeling super soft, but not greasy.
  5. Plaid shirts – Plaid is not just for lumberjacks and the Brawny man anymore. Anyone from a young professional to a cool mom to a college student to a hipster can make this trend their own. Zara makes it affordable with this shirt that will carry you through the rest of fall and winter.
  6. Graphic Hats – Believe it or not, hats with words written on them have officially come back around and are once more considered “in style” for people who are not Ashton Kutcher. To name just one example, the recently released Alexander Wang for H&M collection features quite a few beanies with words written on them; although, whether you want to wear a hat that says “WANG” front and center is something you’ll need to decide for yourself.

So there you have it—six items that make all of our daily and fashion lives just a little bit more exciting. Happy shopping!

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