6 Pro Travel Tips for Women On the Go


Women play many roles in life. At one point you are a single women on the go. At others, you are the multitasking mom. During your life you may be the business woman, a super grandma, or the take charge spouse. Some days, you will be all of these at once. Just because we are 35,000 miles in the air or 3,000 miles from home, does not change the parts that we play. A smart woman embraces all of the jobs and packs accordingly.

Carry It All

As a general rule, men carry wallets, children carry nothing, and women carry purses. This makes us the pack mules of travel. The number one travel friend for us is a big purse. It needs to have one large area for easy access. You want it to be big enough to carry a tablet, food, and some clothing. It needs to be small enough to fit under the seat in front of you.

Dress Like Your Luggage Arrived

Hope for the best but plan for the worst. This is the travelling woman’s mantra. Assume that your luggage is not going to make it to that business meeting and carry one wrinkle free change of clothes. A blouse, pants and underwear packed into your giant tote bag will keep you from panicking if you see that your plane has left, but your suitcase is still on the tarmac. Pack an extra set of travel essentials too, like a toiletry kit, replacement lenses for your sunglasses just in case your lenses get damaged on the trip and light jacket to battle the blasting air conditioning.

Roll With Style

You get what you pay for so buy good luggage. If you have never pulled a high-end suitcase with 360-degree rotating wheels then get yourself to a good travel store and try one out. When you think about air travel, luggage is a central point of concern. From the car to check-in, baggage claim to the hotel—your luggage is an appendage that can be a joy or a source of cursing.

Have Extra Juice

Our smartphones have become a lifeline in travel. They hold our tickets, reservations, and maps. When your phone dies, you are in trouble. The Mophie Pack Space adds battery and storage to your iPhone. As a battery pack, it doubles your battery capacity. As a storage device, the pack adds up to 64GB of memory so that you can keep snapping photos and video of your travels. If you are traveling with children, Pack Space means that you can let them play games on the phone without fear of depleting all of the power.

Enjoy Sweet Silence

When traveling gets stressful, nothing feels nicer than getting on the plane, train or bus and slapping on some headphones that can isolate you from the outside world. Like luggage, it is worth your money to invest in a good pair of noise cancelling headphones. The idea of noise cancellation is not a marketing tool. True noise dampening headsets register outside sounds and transmit frequencies that are the opposite them. The net result is that you cannot hear the roar of an airplane engine or the thump of wheels on tracks.

Keep Good Health

Go from Miami to Los Angeles, and the first thing that you will notice is the lack of moisture in the air. Cracked skin and wheezing chest can really mess with a trip. For under $30, you can get the Satechi portable travel humidifier that attaches to any water bottle. Plug it into the wall or your computer to help achieve the humidity that works for you and keeps you healthy.