6 Tips to Increase the Effectiveness of Your Workout


By Meredith Fritz. There is no better feeling than the instant your workout has come to an end -- that moment when you know you pushed yourself as hard as you could. Unfortunately, we always have those days that make getting to the gym feel like an uphill battle. As a personal trainer, it’s my job to motivate my clients to get to those most out of their hour with me. Just like anything, we need to set ourselves up for success. Below are my quick tips to make sure you leave every workout craving another.

  • Set a Goal. The single most important tip to staying motivated is to have a goal in mind. If you don’t have a goal or don’t know where to start, look for a local race in your city. Once you know you have an event in the future to train for it certainly makes getting the gym seem easier.
  • Schedule a Class. For those of you who prefer to workout at a gym and attend classes, that’s great. Taking a workout class eliminates you writing your own workout and it’s never a bad thing to leaving the programming up to the professionals -- but make sure you sign up ahead of time. If you schedule it like you would any meeting or appointment you are less likely to miss it. Also mention to a coworker or friend that you are going to a spin class after work, it will give you that extra accountability you might need at 5pm when you are tossing between going home and heading to the gym.
  • Bring a Friend Along. Finding the ideal friend or a workout body is priceless. The perfect workout buddy is someone who will push you when they can see your effort or intensity is starting to slip. If you can, schedule your weekly workouts with both of your schedules in mind.
  • Play the Right Music. For those solo workouts having an amazing playlist can make your workout. Take some time and search Spotify or Pandora for your favorite tunes that have strong beats and fast tempos. The right music can make you run faster, lift heavier and simply make your workout more fun. I have a workout playlist with my favorite songs and I only allow myself to listen to it when I’m working out. It makes listening to that playlist a treat and the playlist doesn’t become overplayed.
  • Switch Things Up. Doing the same workout can be boring. Try different classes and test out different gyms. You’ll know you arrived at the right place when you feel excited to attend a class or walking into your gym is your favorite part of your day. If you get bored with your workout routine, it’s probably time to try something new.
  • Treat Yourself. When creating a new habit it’s important to reward ourselves until the habit is fully formed. Within reason, reward yourself when you know you really killed it in your workout. Grab your favorite latte from Starbucks, get a manicure, or buy that Lululemon tank that you couldn’t justify without having a reason. You’ll find those small rewards sometimes make it all worth it.

Keep at it, it takes time to build a habit, but hopefully these six items will help you get there faster! Best of luck!