Find Your Style With 7 Charming Sisters

Find Your Style With 7 Charming Sisters

By Susan "Honey" Good

I am passionate about fashion. It simply makes me happy! I've received so much glowing feedback from many of you about my style and so, today, I am sharing, both in knowledge and in the form of a giveaway!  I want to share with you a new jewelry company that is unique, affordable and well... charming!

Find Your Style With 7 Charming Sisters

It is my pleasure to introduce you to 7 Charming Sisters, a jewelry collection that is affordable and chic. This company is unique because it has seven different lines curated for the seven different personalities of each of women behind 7 Charming Sisters. For instance, Kimberly is the "All-American Girl," Donalda the "Social Butterfly," and Melissa the "Super Mom." One of my favorites is the "Fashionista," Jennifer.

The necklace that I am wearing at top, and pictured above, is called "All This And Brains, Too." Not only is it unbelievably reasonably priced at just $37 but for one of you it will be free as I am giving this necklace away to one lucky reader. (Enter to win at the bottom of this blog.)  You can purchase this necklace and many other gorgeous pieces like it here. Plus, take an additional 15% off the already affordable price with my promo code: HoneyGood15.

Find Your Style With 7 Charming Sisters

I love that this company makes it easy to find jewelry that is true to your style by categorizing all their accessories by each of the "sister's" styles. They even have a sister quiz that you can take to find your style sister! This is the perfect way to get some help moving forward if you're stuck in a style rut

I also adore the "Accounts Pastelable" necklace pictured on the piano in my home. It too is a steal at just $37 here, plus 15% off with my promo code: HoneyGood15.

Find Your Style With 7 Charming Sisters

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I received compensation in exchange for writing this post. Although this post is sponsored, all opinions are my own.