A Guide to Wine Health Benefits

By: Honey Good

It's been said that a glass or two of your favorite villa maria wine every other night can actually be more beneficial than detrimental to your health, but what's the truth behind this? Let's take a look at how wine can improve your health and which ones to opt for.

The benefits

White wine is made with skinned, seedless grapes and red wine uses dark grapes that still have their skins and seeds. This does not mean that you can count a glass of red or white wine as one of your five-a-day! They lose certain nutritional aspects after the fermentation process but they also keep some benefits that can improve or maintain heart and lung health.

Red or white?

Generally, the skins of grapes used in red wines provide more antioxidants than the skinless grapes used in white wines. Resveratrol is an antioxidant that protects blood vessels and tackles enzymes that promote the growth of cancer cells and slow down immune response. Polyphenois reduces blood pressure and cholesterol, while improving the immune system. Flavonoids also help protect against cancer. White wine, like red wine, can help relieve stress levels but this is only in moderation. If you find yourself relying on wine to ease stress more than once a week, contact your doctor.

Some examples

Dry reds are higher in flavonoids than sweet reds, so try a deep Cabernet sauvignon. The grapes used for a pinot noir are thick skinned, meaning that they possess high levels of reservatol. Syrah is another blend that is high in reservatol, a great reason to enjoy its dry, heavy, spicy notes. It is advised that you should enjoy only one glass a day, measuring 44 ml. Enjoy it with your dinner or with a good companion who will help you talk out the stresses of the day.

So there you have it! In moderation, your favorite glass of red wine can help your heart, immune system and blood pressure. It's a much better choice than a calorific cocktail or lager. It must be stressed that you should not exceed the limit of two glasses a few times a week. Otherwise, enjoy your tipple and raise a toast to your health. 

Images by khawkins04 and alexbrn used under Creative Commons License. 

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