A Story of Good Fortune: The Fortune Cookie Story


By Honey Good. Tasty and telling, there are approximately 3 billion fortune cookies made every year. The chance the fortune wrapped inside will speak to you, is pure luck. What you do with that luck is all up to you.

There is a sense of wonderment looking at fortune cookies on a plate. We carefully select one and break it open. We eye the little rectangular piece of paper tucked inside. We pull out our fortune and hope. Will it be a message of health, happiness, success, wealth, promotions or travel to some exotic destination? Or will it be “Hope you enjoyed your Chicken Chow Mein! Please bring a guest next time!” Whatever the cookie holds inside, it is an enjoyable part of an evening to share with family and friends.

This is a true Honey Good fortune cookie story. How a message inside my cookie one warm summer evening was to become the beginning of HoneyGood.com. It read: “You will become a writer!” I saved it along with other fortunes that I keep in a special little box! At the time, it was not meaningful and to this day I do not know why I tucked it away. I just did.

Not a week later, at a gathering, I was introduced to Gail, an author! "That’s a coincidence," I thought to myself, remembering the words on my fortune cookie. To this day, once again, I did something and don’t know why. I expressed to Gail that I was searching for a more meaningful purpose at this stage of my life. Something that would make “my heart sing!”

She told me to keep a journal for three months! “Write daily whatever comes to your mind,” she said.

I replied, “I do not know how to write. I have never taken a writing class.”

And then she said five profound words, “You will find your voice!” It was such a dramatic statement. The strength of that sentence I remember to this day. Between the written words on my fortune cookie, the spoken words from Gail and my strong desire to find a new purpose in my life, GrammaGood.com was created and from there HoneyGood.com blossomed.

I followed Gail’s advice. I did not miss one day of journaling in three months. Why? Because it was almost instant joy! The minute my finger touched the keys of my Apple MacBook Air I felt my entire body relax, I just wrote and wrote and wrote! My Mac was programmed so I could write anywhere and any place in the world. For the next three months I wrote in California, Russia, France, Chicago, on airplanes, in hotel rooms, in cars – anywhere! I was disciplined because I found such a happiness and peace in writing. Through a message in my fortune cookie and a “gal named Gail,” I found my new purpose.

Was it serendipitous? In my mind it absolutely was. The thing about serendipity is… you have to be able to seize the moment.

I know you can relate to my story because we all want to have good luck. Remember, though, nothing good happens by accident…we have to turn our serendipitous moment of luck into success.

I wrote this story because it is a new year. Many of you have some resolving to do in your lives. Think hard. Ask yourself what you would like to resolve in 2015. With a little bit of luck and a lot of determination, you will get what you want and become oh so FORTUNATE!

Be a smart cookie, in 2015. Resolve to do something you’ve always wanted to do.

Warmly, Honey