A Week With Honey

By Susan "Honey" Good

"The bad news is time flies, the good news is... you are the pilot!"

This week certainly raced by! It's interesting how time flies by... and even speeds up! Am I right? 

I started the week off last Sunday by sharing my gratitude for you all and the sisterhood we have built together. Gratitude is truly the key to happiness. 

By the way, if you haven't joined our community for women over 50 on Facebook I implore you to do so now. While we certainly do some "talking" here on the blog, the majority of our conversations happen on Facebook where we speak to each other openly and honestly. Jump into the conversation! We want to hear from you.

Susan Honey Good

And, have you noticed how nice our Honey Good sisterhood is?

On an Internet that is unfortunately often filled with angry people spreading aggressive comments, our sisterhood has become a place of support and kindness.  How is it that we have this little corner of the Internet with so much joy and hope and wisdom?!

That's why I started my week off by thanking all of you! If you missed the story,  you can read it here

One of my favorite comments about this gratitude story on Facebook was from Barbara Milam-Jividen who commented, "Thank you so much, I am new to your site and have fallen in love with your spirit and soul." 

Thank you, Barbara. Spirit compliments are the best ;-) I am smiling.

(You can still jump into the conversation about this post on Facebook here.)

7 Charming Sisters Giveaway

I'm going to let you in on a not-so-secret secret. I am overjoyed that my blog has grown over the last several years but it does, in fact, take a team of women to run it.  

Any of you who have become frustrated with an email or a website can only imagine how frustrating it can be to run an Internet business at this stage of my life. I learn more and more every day but I am often not as fast at doing things as my younger teammates are. Their help is essential to HoneyGood.com.

The point? In order to support the growing team needed to keep HoneyGood.com running,  we are lucky to have companies willing to advertise to our sisterhood.  On Monday, I wrote a post about one of these companies and an amazing giveaway a gorgeous piece of costume jewelry. Yesterday, I wrote about Ensure's "Can Do" campaign and we also had a post this week from VSP Individual Vision Plans.

Please do read the stories if you miss them and please do support our advertisers just as you've supported me. They help our no-longer-little HoneyGood community keep buzzing. 

Susan "Honey" Good

One of your favorite stories this week was entitled, "How to find mental balance in your life after 50."   

I think living a ‘balanced’ lifestyle is an art because, like art, it is a skill. Like art, we create our palate. What is considered balance for one is not considered balance for all. But one thing is sure, our success as creators of a balanced lifestyle is based on mind over matter.  The person who can balance her lifestyle knows ‘peace of mind’ outweighs chaos. So many of us ride a daily teeter totter. Up and down. Out of balance.

There is no perfection, so please realize the people who are capable of ‘balancing their lifestyle’ also ‘slip in the mud.’ The question: How can balance outweigh falls? That's what I shared in this story. If you missed it -- and you feel out of balance -- read it here!

In other news, I'm so grateful to have my relationship with Shelly. In my opinion, having a life partner is a rewarding part of this life we've been given.  

When I was widowed in my 40s, as most of you know, I had to return to dating. Not immediately of course and I certainly got lucky in that my first date was with my ultimate concierge! But, for those of you who are looking for love, we have a wonderful contributor in Lisa Copeland who specializes in finding the right mate for women after 50. Are you looking for a life partner? Then, this week's article is a must read! Read it here.  

I leave you with YOUR favorite quote this week from my Facebook page. (I share a quote daily as I am a big believer in the power of positive thinking!)

If it doesn't open it's not your door and, darlings, at our age we are smart enough to know that the world is full of wonderful doors that lead to intriguing new experiences.

I love having a partner to hold the door open for me but make no mistake about it, I have, as do you, the strength and the courage and the drive to open doors on my own and to choose the ones that I want to open.  And remember, the doors we open and close each day decide the life we live.