Air Plant Design Studio + A GIVEAWAY!

Air Plant Design Studio + A GIVEAWAY!

By Susan "Honey" Good

I love to have plants in my home because they give off a calm organized feeling and provide a constant flow of oxygen. Having plants in my home is one way I practice the art of feng shui.

Not only does having plants indoors enhance the flow of oxygen, but they have several more benefits:

  • Reduce dust and increase humidity. This can help you recover from the common cold a bit quicker. 
  • Improve productivity. Indoor plants may improve your mood and therefore productivity 
  • Lead a healthier life. Having plants indoors reduces stress and purifies the air allowing you to live your best life! 

Despite my efforts to lead a mindful life, I do admit that I am a bit of a chronic rusher so that means my idea of the perfect plant is one that requires little time and attention! I am smiling because life is complicated, right? This is where air plants come in!

These little beauties are easy to care for. Along with indirect sunlight, they just need to be soaked in water for 10-20 min once a week.

If all this sounds great to you, then you may be wondering where in the world to buy some quality air plants for reasonable prices. Well, that’s easy; get them at Air Plant Design Studio. A lovely company that we have teamed up with to present an Air Plant prize for one lucky, although green-thumb lacking, reader. 

Air Plant Design Studio + A GIVEAWAY!

About Air Plant Design Studio

An innocent trip to St. Auguestine, Florida to look for wedding venues turned into a business for husband and wife team, Ryan and Meriel. They started Air Plant Design Studio after they saw air plants in a Florida shop and were instantly fascinated by their beauty. Not only that, but because air plants don’t require soil, they realized that the decorating opportunities were endless.

As the creator of my own website/blog, I have infinite respect for small business owners and love supporting them, especially with a product as good as this.

I am very excited to announce that I have partnered with Air Plant Design Studio to give away their Sea Scape Hanging Air Plant Terrarium to one lucky reader. This kit has everything you see to add a little feng shui to your home including a glass hanging terrarium, two air plants, sea shells, moss, sand and hemp string. Enter the giveaway below and you'll be a hassle free gardening pro in no time.

Air Plant Design Studio + A GIVEAWAY!

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I received compensation in exchange for writing this post. Although this post is sponsored, all opinions are my own.