Amazing Places to Visit in California


California receives millions of visitors every year to enjoy its natural scenic beauty and manmade marvels. State offers both forest with tall trees and stunning coastal drives. In addition, you are entertained in theme parks featuring killer whales. So what are the top five places to visit in California? Yosemite National Park

1. Yosemite National Park

Yosemite National Park covers an area over 747,000 acres that extent up to Sierra Nevada Mountains. Every year over 3.7 million people visit the national park. Its spectacular granite cliffs and waterfalls are internationally appreciated. Currently National Park Service manages it under United States national park system. However, almost 95 percent of the park is designated wilderness and only 7 square mile of area is open for tourist, famously known as Yosemite Valley. UN designated it as the World Heritage Site in 1984. Visitors can enjoy the 800 miles of hiking trails or drive on the scenic routes to experience the Giant Sequoia groves, waterfalls, and diverse wildlife.

The Golden Gates Bridge

2. Golden Gate Bridge

Golden Gate Bridge is the face of San Francisco. It is the most photographed bridge in the world. Probably, this is the reason why it attracts most tourists in California. Bridge was opened in May 27, 1937 with staggering construction cost of 35 million dollars. It was the world's longest suspension bridge until 1964 at 1300 meters.

This Wonder of the modern world has red orange color to make it visible during fog that frequently occurs. Most of the visitors like to experience the bridge by walking, cycling, or enrolling for walking tour to learn the history of the bridge.

lake tahoe

3. Lake Tahoe

Lake Tahoe is one the largest lake in the world. It is located on the border of California and Nevada. Lake was created during ice age about 2 million years ago. It is the deepest lake in USA after Crate Lake with depth of 1645 ft. It is popular for its freshwater and panoramic view. Lake is surrounded by mountainous forest that is open for tourists all year around.

During spring to fall, most of the tourists enjoy water sports such as sailing, jet skiing, boating, swimming, and kayaking. While in winters, it is great for snow skiing, snowshoeing, snowmobile riding, and snow tubing.


4. Big Sur Coastline

Although it has no definite boundaries, many descriptions suggest it stretches up 10 90 miles from Carmel Rover to San Carpoforo Creek. Big Sur means "the big south" in Spanish language.

Every year one million drivers visit the Highway 1 to experience the panoramic view of the coastline. Along the route, the historic Sur Lighthouse, McWay Fall and Bixby Bridge is must see for the tourists.

SeaWorld San Diego

5. SeaWorld San Diego

This theme park is one of the most visited theme park in the world with unique killer whale show. It not only entertains with its shows but it is an active member of Association of Zoos and Aquarium. It constantly does research in marine biology to educate public and spread awareness.

It has animal theme park, aquarium, oceanarium, and marine mammal park. Visitors not only learn about the world of oceans and its creature but also enjoy several rides including flume roller coaster, simulated helicopter ride on arctic, and raft riding through shipwreck.

So want to enjoy the nature's beauty and the man-made marvels than apply for ESTA and visit amazing California.