Are You Fluent in Kindness Over 50?

By Susan "Honey" Good

I am truly beginning to wonder about man’s inhumanity to his fellow man. Of course I, like you, have been exposed to human frailties. Everyone has them, but of late I am thoroughly disenchanted with the actions of our press, our government, many who are over 50, our so-called Hollywood stars, our college students, marchers carrying hateful posters, shootings of innocent people in my city and across the USA… where is the America I love? 

We are a nation that has forgotten how to be kind to our fellow man. Our governing fathers, mostly over 50, have forgotten how to solve problems through civil discourse. At this time, we are no longer a beacon of light for the world and we should feel shame. Our governing men and women and many of our citizens have forgotten that you get further with sugar than vinegar and that kindness counts. 

Are you fluent in kindness? If you are, you know it is a marvelous feeling. If you are borderline, here are a few of my thoughts for a woman over 50.

1. Make yourself feel good and make another person feel good. When you do a good deed for your family, friends or strangers, you automatically feel good and so does the other person. Be kind.

2. Be a voice for someone who needs you. I love to help and it’s a win-win for me and the other person or persons. My pooch is ill and I am her advocate 24/7. I am rewarded by her wagging tail, her kisses and her big black eyes looking up at me with love as if she is saying, “thank you.” Be kind.  

3. Be a role model. Our grands are watching us. They are picking up cues of how to treat others. Be kind.

4. Cease being judgmental. People will show a side of themselves we do not appreciate. When this happens, we have two choices — we can take the high road, realize their frailties and continue to be kind because they are our family. Or if they are friends or others and you cannot put up with their actions, I suggest you delete them from your life. Be kind.

5. Do we need a reason to be kind?  Personally, I do not think so. Being kind is an upper. When I smile at a stranger as I walk down the street I immediately feel good. I truly love being kind because it is uplifting for me and all those that I encounter. Be kind.

6. Lastly, be kind to yourself. Take time to smell the roses. Take time to enjoy the silence of the day. Take time for romance with your partner. Take time to show love. Take time for a manicure, pedicure, haircut or new hairstyle. Be kind. 

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