Ask Honey: How Do I Get My Grandkids to "Stop and Smell the Roses"

Dear Honey, My son in law expects a lot out of my grandkids. They’re always in sports, studying, or on the computer? How do I make my time with them special and help them “Stop to smell the roses”?


 Dear Questioning Gramma,

Ask “them” what they would enjoy doing. As a group, we do many different activities. My grandchildren and I hike, go to their choice of a special movie and enjoy pizza at our favorite pizza parlor, enjoy hot fudge Sundaes at an ice cream shop after school or on the weekend. I spend one on one time with each grandchild. I take the hockey player for a Blackhawk cap, my computer wiz for an accessory for his iPhone or computer, and they all love to shop for tennis shoes. I trust your thinking Gramma…because you figured out they need time to “stop and smell the roses.”