Ask Honey: The Single Mom Woes

Dear Honey, I am a single mother of a wonderful 11-month-old girl, Hope. She has been a blessing in my life, though an unexpected one. Upon becoming pregnant I have devoted myself to her, beginning by moving across the country to live with my mother again after seven years on my own. Since Hope was 3 months old, we have been working part-time; I searched out a teaching job to which I could bring her everyday, and it has been wonderful. In September, however, I am planning to return to graduate school. I am looking into daycare. Hope will be fifteen months old. The idea of being away from her all day is wrenching, but on the other hand, I feel like I need to become self supportive and leave my mother's house fairly soon. I read in one of your articles today that children are not ready to be in the care of another before 3 years old. How can I prepare her for daycare? Or should I find a way to stay with her? Thank you.


Dear Single Mom,

I think you have the ability to find a solution to your problem. You are intelligent. I agree with you that day care is not an appropriate setting for your eleven month old daughter, Hope. Your child needs YOU! On the other hand you want to become self-sufficient. Can your mother or girlfriend or relative assist you with Hope? Can you spread out getting your master’s degree over a few years? Consider putting your master’s degree on hold and teach so you will have the funds to pay for a baby sitter and Hope can stay in her own home? Put on your thinking cap and let me know your solution. Where there is a will …there is a way! You must get…unstuck.