Ask Honey: How Do I Tell My Son-in-Law I Can't Babysit?

Dear Honey, My son-in-law seems to get really upset with me whenever I can’t babysit my grand girls. I do babysit often. I have watched them up to nine days while they were away on several trips, as well at least twice a week and the occasional sleepover. They’re two and six and while I love them dearly and enjoy being around them I am physically disabled and have days where I can’t walk or get off the couch due to chronic pain and other ailments. I haven’t been able to work since 1995 due to my disability and it hurts me that it always feels like whatever I do, and no matter how hard I push myself (and pay with severe pain for MANY days later), it never seems to be enough for him. How do I tell him how it makes me feel… or do I just keep my mouth shut like I have been doing?

- Anonymous


Dear Giving Gramma,

You should have a heartfelt conversation with your son-in-law and daughter. Be sure to set your guidelines for taking care of their children. You shouldn't keep your mouth shut. I am curious where your daughter is in the situation.

- Honey