Ask Honey: Bonding with Newborn

Dear Honey, What can fathers do to build a special bond with their baby, when it is the wife who gets to do all the feeding? Does attachment parenting have to leave out the fathers?

- Left Out Father


Dear Left Out Father,

I think it is a wonderful you want to connect to your new child. There are several ways for you to “jump in” and bond with your new bundle of joy.

  1. Hold your baby securely as you watch television; have conversation with your wife and family and, if you have a rocking chair, rock your child to sleep at night always letting your baby wrap his or her fingers around your finger. Your child will feel your strength and eventually will feel secure.
  2.  Sing or hum; this way your newborn will becomes familiar with your voice.
  3. Don’t forget diaper duty and bath! Your baby will feel your gentle touch.

As baby grows your bond will grow. How special is that!

- Honey