Beach Beauty After 50

By: Honey and the Honey Good Editorial Team

"I would love to go to St. Bart's for the holidays, Shelly, and wear my bikini like the older French women do! I always tell you, I know I was a French woman in my last life!"

A few days after I mentioned this to Shelly, I went for my weekly manicure. My girl was not in her chair! Instead, a heavy set manicurist looked up at me with a big smile. She was full of personality!  She was a Jewish Bubbie in her sixties. She was moving into a new condo with a pool outside her back door.  She chatted on and on and out of the blue said, "I am going to wear my two piece bathing suit this summer!"

I asked her, "How do you see yourself, at your age, in a two piece?"

"My body is not what it used to be but so what! When I was a young woman, my mind was not as 'sharp' as my body! I am now mentally beautiful!"

This wise and beautiful woman reminded me that beauty comes from within and attitude is everything! Yes, donning a bikini is daunting at any age. Doing it after 50 can be painstaking... but it doesn't have to be. Meet three British beauty queens say they feel more confident about their bodies now, at 50 plus, than they did decades ago (via DailyMail). Della Draper, 51, Gay Spink, 60, and Pat Morgan, 53 (pictured above from left to right) are all former UK beauty queens who are happier with their bodies now than when they were younger. And they aren't the only women who feel this way according to a poll of 2,000 women conducted by which revealed that, of the respondents, women over 50 were most the most body confident. Turns out my charming manicurist is onto something!

So how do you too feel great slipping into your favorite bathing suit? Beach Beauty After 50 starts with the obvious: year-round healthy living and exercise lay the groundwork for beach confidence, not to mention the foundation for a longer, happier life. But good habits aside, picking a flattering swimsuit can make a big difference in your beach style.

After 50, it helps to opt for styles with higher waistbands for the most flattering fit.  Or, keep it simple and stick to a one-piece swimsuit. Don't be afraid of a high cut leg, often called "French" cut; it can help give legs a longer, leaner look without showing too much skin. Pick a suit that fits you well; squeezing into a too-tight tube of spandex may seem like it reduces bulge but in reality, it will end up resulting in unappealing lumps and bumps. When shopping for a suit, commit to trying on a few styles and colors to find a suit that flatters. 

Pictured: Trina Turk at Bloomingdale's, $112; Robin Piccone at Nordstrom, $126 and MagicSuit at Macy's, $90.99

Worried about flaunting your flaws? We all have them and a more effective way to deal with flaws, real or imagined, is to focus on the parts of your body you love and highlight those instead. Do you have great breasts? Don't be afraid to show some cleavage. Are athletic shoulders your strong suit? Focus on that. Great legs thanks to years of power walking? Show off those stems! 

We love Bobbi Brown's beach body oil for making whatever skin we choose to reveal look soft and supple. This oil gives skin a sultry sheen thanks to four essential oils (Olive, Sesame, Avocado and Jojoba) and Vitamins E and C to soften and nourish skin, $32 at Lord & Taylor.  For a more affordable option, try Philosophy's Amazing Grace Firming Body Emulsion, $37 at Dillard's, or, a beauty bargain at less than $10, Aveeno's Positively Ageless Firming Body Lotion at Walgreen's.

We leave you with our Beach Beauty After 50 motto: When life gives you curves, flaunt them! 

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