BEAUTY: Spring 2017 Manicures

By Susan "Honey" Good

I am a fan of classics. I believe that good style is timeless. I also believe that it is essential not to confuse classic good taste with being in a rut.

You know what you like? I love that! You know what flatters you? I applaud that! However, we should be careful that knowing what we like and having what flatters us in mind, doesn't stop us from trying new things.

What better place to start than with a spring manicure in a color you've never tried before? Here are some of the newest and hottest lacquer hues for Spring 2017 to help inspire you to try something new.

Image via Nail It Mag

Image via Nail It Mag

I love the Essie spring 2017 collection,  inspired by sun-filled beach days and spectacular sunsets. The bright, happy hues include ocean-inspired blues and greens, and you know how I adore the ocean, dear readers. Would you try any of these spring colors?

Get a 4 pc. sampler of the above collection for $18 here.

Image via

Image via

Glamour magazine named soft pink nails as a huge trend for spring. Not quite what we'd call "trendy" is it, dear readers? And yet, soft pink can be a fresh and vibrant manicure look, especially for those of us who have fallen into the dark manicure or red nail rut.

Pictured on model: MIA by Zoya. Shop the Zoya collection here.

How bold do you dare go this spring? Marc Jacobs neon chartreuse complements many skin tones and makes a definite statement. What does this neon color "say" to you... stop or go? Get it for $18 here.

It's been said that a woman who changes her hair is about to change her life. Perhaps a woman who changes her manicure has the world at her fingertips. You tell me...