Beauty Tricks + Treats

By Honey Good

Today, I've got a beauty treat for you. A generous helping of calorie-free beauty treats and beauty tricks to keep you looking gorgeous and feeling great.

Beauty Trick:  For those of us plagued with dry heels, this weekly at-home foot repair treatment is just the trick to turn scales into soft, smooth skin. Apply an intensive moisturizer to feet before bedtime, cover feet with plastic -- think saran wrap or plastic baggies --  and slip into socks.  The plastic keeps the hydrating benefits on your feet, rather than just moisturizing the socks, and in the morning your feet will be the softest they have been in years. It may sound silly, but it works so well you'll fall head over heels for this beauty trick.

Treat:   One of the best ways to keep your feet soft and supple is to wear shoes indoors. This protects your feet from dryness. Some swear by slippers but I adore these foldable ballet flats from Corso Como. For $69 these are the most stylish "slippers" you can wear and they offer proper support for your feet as well. Shop the collection at  Shown: Pewter sequin ballet flat; available here.



Beauty Trick:  They say a woman's elbows show her age, And while I'm proud of who I am and what I've done with my life... I still want my elbows to be smooth and soft.  Here's a fast and fruity fix for dry & flaky elbow skin and it's available in the produce aisle of your favorite grocery store. Did you know that the acids in citrus fruits can help exfoliate elbows? Simply cut the fruit  -- any citrus will do -- in half and rub the exposed flesh of the fruit onto dry skin.  Hello orange, goodbye prune.

Treat: Glytone's Ultra Heel and Elbow Cream re-texturize, smoothes and softens dry, rough elbows and heels thanks 29.5%  Glycolic Acid.  It also stimulates cellular turnover and collagen production to keep elbow skin looking soft and smooth long term. Simply apply to elbows and leave on for 30 minutes before removing with warm water. Get it for $50 at


Beauty Trick: I love sleek buns and chignons... why not show off our beautiful faces? But here's a secret to tame those pesky flyaway hairs that pop up when you wear your hair back. All you need is this frizz fighting duo: hairspray and a toothbrush.  Simply spritz your favorite hairspray on a new and unused toothbrush and lightly brush down stray hairs.

Treat: Did you know that your pillow case can contribute to hair breakage that excerbates flyaways and perhaps even wrinkles? I adore BeautyZZZ natural silk pillow cases designed to replenish and hydrate hair and skin, as well as treat a host of other problems from under eye bags to dark circles. Get BeautyZZZ for $47 here.


Beauty Trick: Just a spoonful of sugar can turn your favorite shower gel into an effective exfoliant that gets skin glowing from head to toe, naturally. Add a tablespoon of the sweet stuff to an ounce of shower gel or body wash for a natural exfoliant that’s practically perfect.

Treat:  Are you familiar with Etsy darlings? It's a fabulous online shopping destination for all things hand-crafted and, often, made in the USA.  Like this Pumpkin Spice' Whipped Sugar Scrub that is vegan, organic and 100% natural. It's hand-crafted of organic pure virgin coconut oil, organic turbinado sugar, organic raw shea butter, organic pumpkin pie spice and ships to you from Portland, OR. Get a 4oz jar for $24 here.


What are your favorite beauty tricks and tips, darlings? I know you have them and I love to learn about what other women like me do to stay fabulous! Do tell!  You can comment below or find me on FacebookTwitter and even... Instagram. Let's chat!