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By Susan "Honey" Good

"Never miss a good chance to shut up."

I love the above quote! Although, it certainly takes some time to grasp the wisdom of this little gem, I can truly say at this point in my life, I get it. Ah, the power of listening. 

Advice on being a better listener may not be exactly what you'd expect to find in a story about the components of a GOOD conversation, but it's in there! 

Conversation is so important because it allows us to listen and understand other people's perspectives and share our own.I love to chat and connect but I've also had tough conversations and I've learned how to deal with those as well. If I'm feeling overwhelmed by a conversation, I tend to walk away and give myself some space and time to think before re-engaging.  

GOOD conversation requires good listening skills. Listen before you speak. First and foremost, show your warmth by your interest. Do not be a conversational narcissist. It is funny but true; the real art of good conversation is not in talking, but in listening. Why? Because people like to talk about themselves and you get a glimpse of their personality.

Listen up, are you being mindful? 

Did you miss my story about mindfulness? Last week, I wrote about the abstract yet ever popular topic of mindfulness. While mindfulness may be "trendy" right now, I think that it is something that should never go out of style, just like denim. Oh my, I'm sorry, I'm getting ahead of myself, we didn't discuss denim until later in the week! Clearly, I'm still working on this mindfulness concept ;-)

Speaking of listening, I also shared a short read all about listening to your inner self because I truly mean it when I say that the heart knows

Denim & Bags

With inner beauty safely in check, I move on to fashion! 

On Wednesday I shared a new website that I love called I'm currently doing a giveaway for their FRUSTUM Strap Messenger Bag that you can still enter here

I also wrote about wearing denim after 50 here. Several of you mentioned a brand I had never heard of so thank you for the below tip via Facebook, Carol Munro Lusk... I shall check it out!

"Believe it or not since I bought my first pair of Diane Gilman jeans on HSN seven years ago I will never buy another brand. They are stylish and the fit is perfect every time. I'm 67 years old. For the average price of $70 they are a bargain too. I have a closet full of them..both skinny and bootcut, denim and color, longer (bootcut) to wear with heels and shorter to wear with flats. I believe in looking and dressing in an age-appropriate manner. A sophisticated look never goes out of style. It's all about how you wear it."

Friday's post was much more serious. It was all about how I dealt with the loss of my husband.   While I hope that none of you ever have to go through this type of loss, it is part of life, is it not? For those of you who may have suffered, I hope this post resonates with you. I want nothing more than for this community we have built to be a place to connect, relate, and learn. 

And speaking of community, our community for women over 50 on Facebook's favorite quote this week was "That's not a gray hair, honey. That's your silver lining." -Pamela Price.

If you haven't joined the conversation on Facebook, what are you waiting for? It's a great way to share your thoughts and connect with other women like you from all over the world as proven by one of my favorite comments on Facebook this week below from Brenda Moskovic :

"Thank you Honey! So are you! I'm reading you in Paris! Can you believe it?? Reading you on my IPhone! For a wonderful birthday & anniversary trip with my DH (dear husband) We were here exactly 35 years ago for both and have returned 35 years later! I feel so lucky. We didn't have cell phones, FB, internet, computers, texting, nothing!! I have to say I prefer it now for the great communication!"

Thank you, Brenda for taking me -- virtually -- to Paris with you. It's one of my absolute favorite cities. Ça va!


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