The Best Shopping Find You’ll Ever Find


By: Honey Good

Many of you know I fell off a ladder nine months ago in my closet! My journey has been an ongoing struggle. Therefore, I have had no desire to shop. What woman wants try on clothes in orthopedic or tennis shoes? It’s almost like losing a sex drive -- it changes a person. But, my to my great surprise and delight, my shopping desire has returned! All because of an invitation from a friend inviting me to lunch at a boutique woman’s specialty shop in Chicago -- Ikram. After a delicious lunch, my shopping eyes began darting from left to right taking in the wonderful and gorgeous selection of clothing, shoes, handbags and jewelry. I said to myself: “Push yourself to make an appointment with Kim (the fashion consultant my girlfriend recommended).” She had given her rave reviews, so I thought I’d give it a shot.

I hesitated to make the appointment. I didn’t want to try on beautiful clothing in my orthopedic shoes. But the word “Paris” raced happily through my mind. My husband and I just arrived in Europe Wednesday and Paris is coming up next! I decided it was time reenter the wonderful world of shopping, orthopedic shoes or not!

Here is the shopping lesson I want to share: It is all about the sales woman you choose. She is your primary shopping find! 

Think of all the “mistakes” we have hanging in our closet. The first job you have when you walk into a store is not to check out what new arrivals just came in. Your first order of the day: pick your sales woman carefully. How? Through a referral from a friend whose style you admire and with your sense of clarity.

  1. A professional sales woman is the investment in “your look.” You are her palette to paint. Choose someone who is an artist in fashion.
  2. Choose a person who loves her profession. You are not a commodity.
  3. Look for someone who can define your look and style by showing you appropriate garments for your shape, height and personality.
  4. Notice if she engages you in conversation in order to learn about your life style, favorite colors and fabrics.
  5. Accessories are just as important as the new article of clothing. She must be a good finisher. Accessories are the frosting on the cake.
  6. Remember: Every item you buy has your name on it. Seek professional help in all the shops you enter wisely. J Crew shopping is just as important as Neiman Marcus.
  7. Last but not least, when you find “your find” in the perfect sales woman, give her name to your girlfriends and family. It is an extra way of saying, thank you!

I spent a happy and productive time (Sorry Shelly!) shopping with Kimberly. Shoes were the first call to order. Once my feet had a semblance of style, Kimberly knew I would feel better. Robert Clergerie, known as the designer of comfortable yet fashionable shoes was just what my ankle required. My sense of self was lifted. Two pairs of black soft leather boots later, my ankle was happy and so was I. I shopped until I almost dropped, because Kimberly earned my respect and trust. I know she loves her career and loves dressing her clients. She wants them to shine. You can just sense it.

I packed for Europe very excited and can hardly wait to walk the streets of Paris with my darling husband in my comfy, gorgeous fashionable boots and beautiful new outfits.

Thank you, Kimberly!