Breast Cancer Awareness: Be Proactive. It Saves Lives.


In response to October being "Breast Cancer Awareness" month, I feel it's important we touch on this topic. We have take charge of our own medical destiny. As unpleasant as it is going to doctors, we are all adults and have to be proactive concerning our physical health. A mammogram once a year; a yearly body check at the dermatologist; a physical once a year. Give yourself the gift of “good health.” Seven years ago, last month, I went for my annual dermatology check-up. The doctor discovered I had melanoma on my leg. Today, I am alive and well because I am proactive about my health. I would not be alive to love and enjoy my husband and family and the adventure of living. Need I say more?

Three years ago it happened again. My husband spotted something on my leg and took me to my melanoma specialist. She told me my leg was fine, but found a suspicious something on my wrist that I never would have noticed. It just looked like an age spot to me. I had a biopsy and a few days later found out I had the beginning melanoma called Stage O. Those are topical; until it is “too late.” I had surgery again.For the third time in four years, I made it through the rain because I was proactive about my health.

I just recently went in for my six-month check-up. Walking over to the doctor’s office, I thought about my first bout with melanoma seven years ago. Each time I go for a check-up my heart goes pitter-patter until I hear the words “You look wonderful! See you in six months.” Who would have thought that would be the phrase to make my day.

Please be proactive. It has saved my life on three occasions and I pray that you have the luck that I have had.