Cancer Survivor Beauty and Support Day 2016

By: The Honey Good Editorial Team

Cancer Survivor Beauty and Support Day is a volunteer event that was started in 2003 by Barbara Natof Paget.  The event is celebrated annually on the first Tuesday in June and this year it is today, June 7, 2016. This event reaches out to all of the men, women, and children cancer survivors in our country. Resolution 494 in the Congressional Records in the House of Representatives states, 'The first Tuesday in June is Cancer Survivor Beauty and Support Day'.

Celebrated in all fifty states, those in the beauty industry are encouraged to volunteer any beauty service of their choice to the survivors. It is not a charity but rather a gesture of love, empathy and support.

The day is intended to make life more fulfilling to the volunteer and to bring warm support and tender pampering to the cancer survivor.

"The real beauty of the day is the support it gives."

For a list of participants in your state, click here. Follow them on Facebook, too! {If you're interested in participating in future events, you can contact Barbara at}.

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