Caring for Your Elderly Pet


By Honey Good

My husband, Shelly and I are doting pet owners. We share the responsibility of our love and care for our Soft Coated Wheaton Terrier, Orchid, who is seven years old. “I can’t imagine life without Orchid. She is so kind, loving, attentive, and depends on us for everything,” says my doting pet loving husband, Shelly. Fortunately, Orchid is very healthy. We manage her care faithfully.

Her diet is grain free. Her inoculations and yearly physicals are always promptly addressed. She has her teeth cleaned every six months and plenty of daily exercise. We take our responsibilities very seriously.

My husband, unlike myself, tends to live in the past and the future. I tend to live in the moment so we are “the perfect blend.” Last night as he was petting Orchid, he said to me, “I don’t know what I would do if something happens to Orchid.” I quickly answered, “Please just enjoy your moment with Orchid!”

Still, he struck a nerve.

Just by coincidence, as I was going through our mail, I noticed a magazine called Healthy Pet. Glancing through I noticed an article called “Easy Adaptions for Your Elderly Pets.”

Knowing I have many readers with older pets I decided I wanted to share my findings with you.

Osteoarthritis and periodontal pain is associated with elderly pets. It is suggested to put into place a pain management plan.

How can I make my home more adaptable? Purchase higher dog and cat dishes for food and water so your pet can stand more upright when eating. Buy a ramp so your pet can climb up onto your window sill to look outdoors or climb into your car. Buy a step pet ladder so your furry loved one can climb onto your bed.

Periodontal gum care: Many pet owners do not think about this preventative measure. Ask your vet. Please do not allow your pet to be put to sleep for the procedure.

Annual physicals: Preventative medicine for your pet can ward off a deadly disease if caught early.

Food: Grain free dog food is the best. Exercise: Walk. Walk. Walk. An exercised dog is a healthier dog. If you cannot take long walks and have a treadmill in your home, put your fury friend on it for exercise. I do with Orchid, holding onto her with her leash.

And last but not least….LOTS OF LOVE!