Chic entryways.

By: Honey Good

What's the first thing you take notice of when you arrive at someone's home? Is it the art hanging on the wall? An eccentric vase? A gorgeous mirror? For me it's the entryway. Nothing tells you more about an individual than your first impression of their home. 

I can always tell if they are a traveler, a grandparent, an art connoisseur, a crafter or a fashionista. Let's face it, the woman of the household usually decorates this space. It's my favorite nook in our home and that's why today I'm sharing four entryways that deliver that "wow" factor. 

One of my favorite ways to punctuate an entryway is with a dramatic chandelier. Chandeliers immediately catch the eye of any guest walking through your door. It's a sure thing and they come in all shapes and sizes whether you're decorating your beach house or your city digs.

What about a statement rug? Statement rugs cozy up the space creating a warm welcome when the winter temps require us to leave our boots at the door. (They're also a great way to disguise dirt!) I adore how this leopard print runner juxtaposes the pink chairs flanking the modern console table. What a great mix!

One thing I can assure you is a must in designing the perfect entryway, you have to acquire a console table that speaks to your aesthetic. I often opt for mirrored or metallic tables such as this one, but there are many on the market ranging from minimalist to antique to baroque designs.

Your entryway table creates a focal point for the rest of the space. Use that table as the foundation in which your accents serve as building blocks all anchored by that one distinct piece of furniture.

No matter what, don't forget to add the personal touches...a framed picture of you and your sweetheart or a travel knick knack. You know what they say about first impressions! Happy shopping!

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