7 Chic Handbags for Under $50

By Susan "Honey" Good

Happy Saturday, dear readers!

On Saturdays, I tend to reflect on the previous week and your many comments to me about my stories. My musings are very often inspired by your feedback.

This week, I wrote about women and their handbags here… an intimate relationship, as we all know!

One reader's comment, in particular, got me thinking. It was...

Funny that I read this today. I had checked on line for a great “deal” on a new handbag. I’m just floored by the increase in price for a handbag over the last ten years. I thought of all the good that could be accomplished if women banded together and determined to not pay over a certain price — maybe $300 and then donate another 10% to a great cause. I love the brands that lend support to others as we update our looks. I searched and found a fun “fair trade” spring bag!

What a great, idea, "shellybelly," and thank you for inspiring today's story.  I've rounded up super affordable yet stunning handbags within the following parameters: 1) They must be on sale for at least 70% off and 2) they must be priced at less than $50.

Happy shopping!

A pretty fuchsia cross body bag from Liz Claiborne, was $60 now $17.99 plus an extra 20% off for a limited time only with code Save7 here.

Another cross body bag in a color called "Tahoe Teal," also marked down from $60 to $17.99 plus an extra 20% off for a limited time only with code Save7 here.

The best deal of all the cross body bags, this slim beige bag was $169 now about $20 online here.

Feeling wild? What a stunning bag in sueded Leopard, marked down from $156 to $46 here.

This bag is made of synthetic leather which is a whole new concept for me! However, it's classic design and crazy price makes it worth considering adding to your closet. Made by London Fog, this bag is marked down from $150 to 39.99 here.

This satchel is perfect for the spring and the price is amazing! Marked down from nearly $200 to an unbelievable $29.99 here.

I also mentioned the other day my love for little pouches that attached to larger purses which makes this Style & Co bag a hit with me. Plus, it's on sale for $26.55 -- from $88 -- Plus another 20% off for a limited time with the code WKND here.

And now back to "Shellybelly," the commenter above who mentioned that perhaps by buying more affordable bags, we could donate a percent of the money saved to a worthy cause. A wonderful idea in my book (or is that in my bag?)!

What an opportune moment to mention an unbelievable story that came across my iPhone this morning. Recent reports suggest that 20 million people may be facing starvation in four countries, something the UN humanitarian Chief is calling the "largest humanitarian crisis since the creation of the UN." Here's a link to the story about this crisis in the UK's Guardian which includes ways to donate to those in need.