Stylish, New Christmas Eve Traditions

By: Honey Good

Chrismas Eve Traditions

Merry Christmas Eve, darlings. As I mentioned in my post here, I just adore the joy that the holiday season brings.   

And, in the spirit of giving and family togetherness, I've rounded up a couple of stylish Christmas Eve traditions that will make your holidays memorable.  Could this be the year to embrace a new Christmas Eve tradition?  I think it is!

Reindeer Games with Grandchildren

For those of us with grandchildren, or "Grands" as I call them, sharing the holidays with these little loves is priceless.  

Mom and Dad may have cornered the market on Santa, but we Grandparents have Rudolph and his reindeer games. (If you haven't done so, read my story about Rudolph and bullying here.) I love to invite the Grands (and parents, too) for a Christmas Eve celebration.

Keeping Grands entertained -- with cell phones and gaming devices turned off, of course! -- can be a challenge for even the most resourceful grandparent. So, here's my itinerary for a Christmas Eve Reindeer party that will have kids wondering what an iPhone even is ;) 

Start with hot cocoa and treats... a must! A fun treat for your reindeer inspired celebration is malt balls labeled as "Reindeer Poop." I guarantee you this small detail will elicit giggles from your Grands! 

Next, read the story of Rudolph. It's a classic for a reason, darlings, and reading this Christmas tale is a lovely way to start a conversation with your Grands about challenges they may be facing in their little lives as well as driving home the timeless message of Rudolph...  no matter who we are, what we do or how we look, we all have unique strengths and abilities. It matters not if these strengths and abilities are recognized or appreciated by others, they are ours to nourish and delight in!   

Naturally, we give our Grands gifts and I won't turn this into a gift list (because I've already given you some fabulous suggestions here) but soft, comfy PJs are a hit every time and I've found that gift cards are sure to delight little ones who enjoy the grown up game of picking their own presents. 

A fun and free activity to do with the Grands is the "Santa's Visit Application" which you can print. It gives Santa all the tips + tricks he needs to make his visit to their house delightful! Print it here

Finally, send the Grands on their way with a packet of Reindeer Dust to be strewn about their parent's lawn. It's an easy, edible concoction crafted of oatmeal, sugar and sprinkles for sparkle. The Grands can even help make a batch! You'll find an easy-to-make recipe here.


Christmas Eve Traditions with your Spouse

If you don't have grandchildren or you just prefer to spend Christmas Eve with your spouse or partner,  I love the idea of enjoying thoughtful, romantic traditions that create even more special memories for you and your love. 

One way to celebrate all the luck and love that is already yours is to help others on Christmas Eve. You can bake cookies -- or buy them-- and drop them off to an elderly neighbor who you know could use some company. Or, stop by your local emergency room, police station or fire house and drop a batch of cookies off for those who will be working to help others well into Christmas Eve and Christmas morning.

Make meaningful memories with your spouse by incorporating an annual Christmas Eve letter into your traditions. A heartfelt note that memorializes your memories and joys from the year behind you as well as perhaps your hopes, dreams and plans for the year ahead. 

Midnight Mass is always a lovely way to spend Christmas Eve with your spouse. But before you head out to Mass, how about hosting an intimate stocking exchange with themed stockings? You can choose a memory-themed stocking, a date night themed stocking, a sweet tooth stocking or even a sexy stocking. (For ideas, check out this blog from our friends at

The idea has little to do with the contents of the stocking and more to do with finding a way, on holidays and every day, to celebrate the love you have and the life you love with the very person who has joined you throughout your journey. And that, darlings, is the most stylish Christmas Eve tradition I can imagine!

I would love to hear about your Christmas Eve Traditions You can comment below or find me on FacebookTwitter and even... Instagram. Let's chat!