How to Combat the Christmas Crash


By Jordan Elizabeth. Christmas is such a build up - such a feel-good high - that lasts for 25 days, then in an instant, it’s all over and you’re left with zero jolliness as you have to schlep out to all those stores and exchange your gifts for something you actually wanted. Then there’s New Years Eve, but that’s really just a hassle, so that’s not a great distraction for those NOT between the ages of 20 - 23.

Here are a few ideas of how to detox softly from the Christmas high: 

  1. Ease Down Slowly. Don’t pack up your tree and decorations right away. Let them chill for a few more days. That Christmas tree scent should be just enough to bring you down slowly. But then once January 2nd hits, it’s time to take the decorations down. Any time after that, you’re just being lazy and everyone knows it. Don’t play it off like you just “like the lights all year round. This isn't a Mexican restaurant. You just don’t want to get back on that ladder. Also, watch a few more Christmas movies! If those made-for-TV movies taught me anything, it’s that the Christmas spirit lives within all of us all year round. At least that’s what Jenny McCarthy learned in the first Santa Baby. And there’s really too many Christmas movies to pack in between Thanksgiving and Christmas, so take these days to make sure you’ve watched them all.
  1. Remember, you’re still on vacation. Most of you are probably still on your holiday break from work, so don’t waste this time! I get it, Christmas is over, but you don’t have to work, which is the greatest gift of all. Use this time to do the stuff you never have time for, like learn to cross-stitch, wash your sheets for the first time in six months, or overpay for theater tickets. And hopefully you got some Christmas money. I tend to spend my Christmas money like it has an expiration date, but if you can’t splurge while you have time off from work, splurge when can you. (Yes, I realize you can spend it at any time, and should actually save it. But you’re not my mom, so don’t tell me what to do.)
  1. Find a new hobby for the New Year. I’m not calling it a “New Years Resolution,” because those are meant to be broken. I’m calling it a “new hobby,” so maybe you’ll stick with it a little longer. At least until March, we’re not Oprah.2104 was the year I discovered SoulCycle. It was a workout I didn’t immediately hate doing, it’s only 45 minutes, and to be honest, I totally drank the Kool-Aid. If you’ve never been to a SoulCycle class, in a nutshell: you spin to the beat of the music in a semi-dark room lit by Grapefruit scented candles. Very zen (minus the music they play at unhealthily LOUD levels). The instructors tell you things like “it’s a group mediation, the workout is just a result of that,” “release the old you and ride towards the person you want to be,” or “the resistance on this bike represents the resistance you face in life.” It’s kinda lame, but when you’re so exhausted from riding that bike you can’t muster the energy to be cynical, it really starts to resonate. (I do see the new, improved me on this hill I’m riding up in my mind!)

    2015 will be boxing. I started taking classes at a place called The Kickbox Haus. I liked the boxing class because it felt VERY Enough starring Jennifer Lopez - the one where she has short hair and learns to box to defend herself from her abusive husband, and she puts all these rings on so when she hits him, it really hurts. Also Sleeping With the Enemy, but Julia Roberts learned how to swim away from her crazy husband, and I don’t care for swimming. People pee in there.

  1. Think about things you have coming up. I like to use this time to get organized for the upcoming year.  I kick it old school and buy a new daily planner and write in all the trips and events I have planned. (I think the sole-usage of computers and phones is creating generations of adults who write like 7-year olds. Long Live Paper!) If you don’t have any plans to write (or type. Sigh) in, brainstorm some things you’d like to do this year! Look at prices for plane tickets to Australia, or South Dakota, or wherever you want to go. Did you just read Wild and now want to walk thousands of miles and lose some toenails? Super! Get to planning! It’s good to start thinking about that stuff now and make solid plans. Otherwise, you tend to get so bogged down during the year with the day-to-day grind, people often forget to plan things, then all of a sudden, you’re 50 and have never left the continental United States. Or am I thinking of The Bucket List? Either way, you’ll have started making plans, and then have things to look forward to!

Just remember, Christmas lives inside you all year long and you still don’t have to go to work. So whatever you do, use your time wisely and set some things to look forward to. If Jenny McCarthy taught me anything, it’s that your high-powered job won’t make you happy and you have to stop and deliver Christmas presents once and a while. Or plan a trip to Fiji. That wasn’t in the movie, but I’m sure that would have worked, too.