Creating Your Own Space in Your Home


By Honey Good.

"In solitude we give passionate attention to our lives, to our memories, to details around us." -Virginia Wolf

Every woman should have jurisdiction over a space she can call her own. If you do not have your niche you should consider carving out a private nook in your home or apartment. Your own space, not to be shared with others, where you can sit, gaze and enjoy your keepsakes, where you can try and conquer your many notes and papers laying here, there and everywhere! Someplace where you can drift off into your private thoughts in solitude. Doesn’t that sound inviting? Do you have such a nook, a private space you call your own? The size does not matter. All that matters is that you have your own space of some kind. Here are a few suggestions for you.

Renovate a closet. One of my friends has a huge apartment in Los Angeles. Guess where her office is located? In a tiny closet! She took the closet and converted it into “a room of her own.” It has a desk and a chair and that is it! It is charming and cozy. Pictures of her family adorn the walls. She had shelves built for her keepsakes and prized books. It is so tiny there is hardly room for another person!

Divide a large room. I have another girlfriend who lives in a small apartment with her husband and dog. She bought a beautiful French screen at a flea market that blended beautifully with the decor in their living room. She placed the beautiful folding screen in the corner of the room. Behind it she has a French desk with several drawers and a chair. The chair faces outward into a window facing to the west that lights up her small space! Fresh flowers grace her desk along with her keepsakes and papers. With so little space she has no choice but to be neat! Her “room of her own” is so charming.

Use the kitchen. I have a number of other friends that have a desk in their kitchen. Not my ideal choice, but an option nonetheless.

Incorporate nature. I knew I wanted a small “room of my own.” I knew I wanted a theme that gave me a feeling of serenity. It was my dream to have a dwarf olive tree and a small garden outside my office doors. The olive tree was my focal point. I decorated my small room keeping feng shui in mind and focused it around my abundantly round little tree and my charming garden of boxwood and impatiens because I love nature. I choose celadon green carpet with celadon green wallpaper with painted Chinese women in lavender. I have a Lucite desk and chair, a lovely bookcase with my favorite books and a chaise lounge where I often write my blogs. It all faces my olive tree and garden. Frances Hodgson Burnett once said, “As long as you have a garden you have a future and as long as you have a future you are alive." Wise words to think about!

Your own space will give you the chance to reclaim your creativity. Make it cozy, charming and comfortable with your resources, your personality and it will become “a room of your own.” Have fun with it and you will find great comfort in having your own space!

Warmly, Honey