DIY: How to Crochet


By Brynne Ramella. It's never too late to learn a new hobby. Whether you are still working or happily retired, a new hobby is a great stress reliever and a source of fun. So let's take on a new hobby together. We'll try learning how to crochet.

  1. Select your yarn. Finding the right yarn is the key to crochet. When selecting the correct "skein" (length of yarn wound together) take into consideration the color and texture you would like your final product to be. And of course, check out your local craft store to see what's on sale!
  2. Pick your hook. Hooks are assigned letter sizes based on their size in millimeters.  Sizes H and I are recommended for beginners. Research various brands before you purchase a hook, too. Make and Takes recommends Crochet Dude and Craftwich products. Once you find the correct hook, find the grip that you feel the most comfortable with.
  3. Learn basic stitches. There are three basic stitches you should master as you begin to crochet. Those stitches are the Slip Knot, Chain Stitch and the Single Crochet Stitch. The Chain stitch is considered to be the most basic stitch. You can find step-by-step by a this video. Learn the Slip Knot here and master the Single Crochet Stitch by checking out this video.
  4. Add the finishing touches. So you've picked the right yarn, found your perfect hook and learned the correct stitches to start your project. Your project is almost done! But there a few things to master before you are truly finished. - Hide the tail. In the crochet world, the "tail" is the little 3-4 inch string you'll have hanging off of your final product. Since you're only a beginner, I'll let you in on a secret: you can thread that tail back through your piece. Learn how with this video.- Add a border. The edges of your first project may come out a little lopsided, so a border is the best way to hide that. Check out this video to learn how to do a shell border stitch.- Block your piece. Blocking means that you're setting your stitches in this place. Many pro crocheters find this to be an annoying, but vital part of the process. This great article explains the importance of blocking and how to do it.
  5. Get inspired! Once you have the basics down, you have so many great crocheting projects ahead of you! Continue to practice this new hobby, and one day you can make cool projects like these!

Be sure to share your latest crochet projects with us!