Culture, Arts & Entertainment News 2/11/15


Susan Berman Hammer brings you a quick recap of some of the week’s culture, arts and entertainment news. Here’s what’s buzzing this week: HG-NewsBits-2-11-15-Kim Kardashian - bob-proxy - CopyThe “It” Cut in Hollywood This Year Drum roll...The “it” cut in Hollywood this year is the bob! Kim Kardashian, Selena Gomez, Emma Stone, Jennifer Aniston, Kristen Wiig and Jessica Alba are just some of the celebs who have recently exposed their new bobs. The bob, according to, is chic, suitable for most hair types, hassle-free and even grows out in a flattering way.


Hottest Trends in Boomer Travel This YearHG-2-11-15 NewsBits-travel-research2015boomertraveltrendsinfographicaarpresgen-1-638 - Copy Baby Boomers aged 50 and over annually spend some $120 billion on leisure travel, according to a new Travel Trends Survey by AARP. The travel, retail and foodservice industries certainly pay attention to these trends and we thought our readers might want to as well. Some fun facts from the survey about what Boomers pack: Men and women are obsessed with sunglasses and cameras and most must take comfortable shoes. However, the majority of women can’t live without their cosmetic bags while men can’t unwind without their jeans.

New Phone App to Your Rescue HG-2-11-15 NewsBits-stringsapp Has this ever happened to you? In the heat of the moment, you send a very opinionated text to your daughter-in-law, but then you come to your senses, recognizing that you crossed the line. You’re horrified!

Calm down! Now, an app called Strings can come to your rescue. It enables you to take back what you said and your daughter-in-law will never know that you said it in the first place. Unlike the teen favorite, Snapchat, Strings permits you to delete chats, threads, photos and videos -- immediately and permanently -- before recipients ever view them. Users can’t download your messages, either and friends can only save content when you give them the OK. One hitch, however; Strings works only if both the sender and recipient download it. Guess you’ll have to ask your daughter-in-law to get it, too, before you text your next tidbit of wisdom.