Dare to Dare. Exiting the Comfort Zone.


By Honey Good. Do you dance to the beat of your own drum? I hope you do. Do you dare yourself to dare? I hope so. Do you challenge your children and grandchildren to dare? You must!

It’s human nature to be afraid of failure, but teaching children to take the initiative to make important, life-changing decisions on their own will give them self-confidence and self-esteem, both now and for the rest of their lives. Empower them to be ones who “dare to dare,” and they will lead exiting, purposeful lives.

That is what I taught my children at a very young age. This is what I now teach my grandchildren. Since all of my grandchildren call me “Honey,” it’s my Honey-Do List:

  • You have one life to live! Take advantage of it and “live it!”
  • You are going to dare to believe in your dreams and your tomorrows.
  • You are going to learn, do, explore and challenge yourself.
  • You are going to eliminate things in your life that do not make you happy.
  • You are going to add things to your life that you have been afraid to dare yourself to do.
  • You will do this by making two lists. Put a big minus sign at the top of one page and a big plus sign on another page. Write your thoughts down.
  • You will leap into your dares with enthusiasm.
  • You will not let fear or failure stand in the way of your dare.

I tell the kids that positive daring is one of the glories of life. “You can choose to travel to the left. You can travel to the right. That is your choice, dear grandchildren of mine. What you must remember as you travel through your life is to dare to dare!”

Warmly, Honey