Dating After Fifty: Tips for the Friends

Dating After 50

So you Hate Your Friend's New Boyfriend. Now What? 

By: Jordan Elizabeth

No matter how old you are, 17 or 77, one of the hardest relationships to balance is the one between your best friends and your new gentleman friend. You may really like your new beau, but often it’s your friends’ approval that can really seal the deal. But what happens when you’re the friend, and you don’t love this guy as much as your friend does?

I recently had a friend ask me for advice about this very issue. I told her, be honest. If your friend asks what you think, you should feel comfortable saying so. But just know...she might not listen. The fantastic thing about women is that we like to share our experiences with other women, so that they may learn from our mistakes. The not so fantastic thing is that we almost never listen to our own advice. Maybe she’s already been married once and you think she’s basically marrying her ex and she should have learned from that experience. You did your duty as a girl friend by pointing out any red flags you see.

Sometimes I think women (okay, maybe I’m projecting a bit) have the inate ability to talk themselves into anything. You want that donut you shouldn’t eat? 'Who cares, I walked 20 feet from the parking lot, it’s basically a wash!' Same with men. Although this one tends to go a little more like: “no, I can change him!", "That quirk of his that's awful will go away eventually!”. Some people just love companionship and often overlook things they shouldn’t just to be with someone who checks off some of the boxes. But that’s for her to figure out. Your job as a friend is to be there for her for all the other things in life, not just the men in her life. As long as you both can value your friendship and keep that separate, well, you know that will be a lasting relationship you can count on.

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Dating After 50


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