Dear Moms, Call Your Kids.


By Jordan Elizabeth. Sometimes I think my mom is sure that I actively avoid communicating with her. Which, by the way, could not be further from the truth. Yet, every week, I get a call from my older sister, saying “Mom says she has no idea what’s going on in your life and wants to know if you’re still alive.” Meanwhile, I have not received a phone call, text, or email from either of my parents, so for all I know, they fell off the side of a cliff hiking or got kidnapped by some senior-citizen-specific human trafficking ring and are being traded for cheap American jeans.

Moms, call your kids and drop the “you never answer when I call” guilt trip. Plus, that's really only true when mom calls during business hours (we can’t all be retired and enjoying a tall Tom Collins at 3pm), but we will call you back. Unless, of course, we see something shiny and get distracted, which is bound to happen from time-to-time, but it doesn’t mean I don’t want to talk to my mother!

Also, any conversation with mom is going to be move involved and sometimes it takes a setting aside a decent amount of uninterrupted time for that. And uninterrupted time is hard to find! I often find myself having to explain everything when I’m trying to tell my mom how work is going. I can’t just say “Jenny was really micromanaging me on the Roberts project.” I have to explain who Jenny is, what the project is and what my duties were supposed to be. Which I'm more than happy to do, it just takes more time. No matter what, you know your mom will always have your back and even if she has no idea what you’re talking about, she’ll tell you that Jenny should shove it and you’re smart and beautiful and should get promoted. Which is all you need to hear.

Don't be afraid to meet your kids halfway. In an age of texting, no-time-to-do-anything communication, sitting down and talking on the phone rarely happens. I think I floss more than I actually talk on my phone. Text or email. It may seem like a less intimate way of keeping in touch, but it's really not (think of all the emojis you can use to convey your true feelings - it's fun, try it). Truth be told, you'll probably get the fastest response and actually communicate more frequently throughout the day. Especially for people who live in big cities when alone time is rare and they are usually surrounded by people, honking horns and loud public transit, you don't want to discuss your family reunion and the intimacies of family drama on the bus and get dirty stares from strangers. It's not only rude, but sometimes dangerous!

So moms, call your kid. Your phone can make calls just as well as they can receive them and your kids aren't trying to avoid you (unless you keep asking about when they're getting married/having kids/getting a job, then they might be). I love talking to my mom. I should absolutely call her more and make a point to call her weekly. Moms always have good advice, and my mom is hysterically funny, so if nothing else, she’ll have a sassy comment that makes the situation better. But moms, cut your kids some slack and keep in mind that if you text us, you’ll definitely get a response. It’s not the same as a phone call, but it will be proof of life.

Just don’t sign your texts “Love, Mom,” because we know it’s you. Promise.