News & Trends: 4/22/15

By: Susan Berman Hammer

Disney World Hacks For Your Family's Best-Ever Summer Vacation

Okay, you think you’re all set for that long-awaited summer trip to Disney World with your family or some of your delicious grandchildren. Airline, hotel and transit reservations are confirmed. But, have you considered additional steps you could take before you get there to ensure your best trip ever?

Tom Nikl, a huge fan of Disney World trips and author of the DisneyDorkTom blog, suggests 21 Disney World Hacks which will help your family avoid the crowds, dine for less, get around Disney World by water taxi, buy discounted Disney entertainment cards before you go, avoid some packing hassles and even give your sore feet a break!

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Live Like a Queen with Some of Oprah’s Things

Here’s your chance of a lifetime…to buy a few things Oprah (and Stedman) once owned.

A Chicago auction house will auction 500 gently-used-by-Oprah items from her luxury, two-story, condo in Chicago. The event takes place at Leslie Hindman Auctioneers (unfortunately, it’s not at Oprah’s condo) at 10 a.m. Saturday, April 25. (Proceeds go to Oprah’s School for Girls in South Africa.)

The ‘O’-owned items run the gamut from a Chanel fanny pack with a glam tassel and a professional make-up chair and hairstyling cart to Elliptical and step machines, a dozen designer ballpoint pens with leather display cases and many elegant designer watches. Persian rugs, art, jewelry, furniture and sculpture are featured, too. Price estimates range from $20 to the tens of thousands.

Shoppers can browse through the items during the Chicago auction house previews through Friday, April 24. Or, if you can’t make it to Chicago, you can scan the online catalogue. To take part in the bidding, you must attend the Chicago auction, login online to bid live or place your bids by phone two hours before the auction starts.  Happy hunting to all!

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PBS-TV Special on the Chemistry and History of Ballet Airs May 15 

Ballet aficionados and others who appreciate the beauty and discipline of dance can tune out the "noise" around them and tune in to a very special PBS-TV program about the American Ballet Theatre.

In addition to dazzling performances during the May 15 specialhistorians and artistic directors discuss the chemistry and history of the pre-eminent 75-year old ballet company. Dance is “a ritual of physical discipline and letting go (mindfulness).” 

Watch an exclusive clip on wsj.comThe program airs at 9 p.m. (CT)Friday May 15 or viewers can check their local listings for air times.

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