DIY: How to Make a Plaster Rose Candle Holder

Plaster Flower Candle Holder

By Brynne Ramella. Well it looks like spring is finally here to stay! If you haven't officially transitioned your home decor from winter to spring, now's the time! We have a great DIY project that can put the finishing touches on your spring decor. Let's get started on this candle holder!

1) Gather your supplies:

  • Fabric roses (or any other flower of your choice)
  • Plaster of Paris (powder form)
  • An old container
  • Water
  • Plastic spatula
  • Wax paper
  • Scissors
  • Battery-operated candles

2) Arrange the flowers. Cut your flowers from their stems. Leave a little of the stem so you can use it to dip flowers in the plaster. Next, cut out the center of each flower, as to leave room for the candle to sit.

3) Mix the plaster. Follow the directions on the package to mix the plaster. Be sure you do not make the plaster too thick. The ideal consistency would be that of pancake batter.

4) Dip the flowers. First, cover your work station with wax paper. Holding your flower by its stem, dip it completely into the plaster. Slowly bring it out of the plaster, allowing the excess to drip off the flower. Gently shake the flower to rid it of any additional plaster. Glance over the flower to make sure it is completely covered in plaster. Dip the flowers again if you missed any spots.

5) Cut the stems. Once you have dipped all of your flowers in the plaster, it's time to cut off the stems. Hold your flower over the wax paper, and cut the stem off right at the base of the flower. This time, you will not leave any of the stem, since you want your flower to stand upright.

6) Add the finishing touches. Before your flowers dry, gently mold the petals to achieve the shape you want. Be sure to flatten the center so that the candle can sit straight within the flower. Your flowers should be dried in about fifteen minutes. Then you can add your candles. And if you're feeling up to it, you can even paint your flower petals!

Be sure to share your completed candle holders with us!