DIY Valentine's Day Card


By Shelly Weiss. With Valentine's Day just around the corner (warning ladies - it's next Saturday), we're worried about dinner reservations, what dress to wear and whether or not he is going to get flowers. The last thing to stress or forget about is finding the perfect card for everyone in your life. This DIY is not only cost efficient and simple, but it is perfect for your husband, boyfriend, "maybe boyfriend," girlfriend, children and parents. It's super easy to customize and takes less than 10 minutes to complete!



  • Blank Folded Card
  • Envelope
  • Paper
  • Heart Template
  • Washi Tape
  • Double-Sided Adhesive
  • Scissors
  • Pencil

Supplies can be purchased at any craft or paper store including Michael's, Hobby Lobby or Paper Source.


1) Using heart template and pencil, trace heart onto blank paper. The color paper does not matter because it will be covered with washi tape.


2) Cut out.



3) Pick out your washi tape. This may be the trickiest step, especially if you're a washi tape hoarder like myself. Play with colors and textures to make the card more fun. It does not need to be 'matchy-matchy.' Decisions, decisions, decisions...


4) Begin adding washi tape to paper heart. Pick an order and stick with it. I suggest putting the washi tape on diagonal rather than horizontal.



5) Repeat until the entire paper heart is covered. Do not worry about making it look perfect just yet.



6) Flip over and fold washi tape tightly around the back of the heart. You will never see the back once it's on the card, so this step does not need to look perfect either. All you perfectionists out there (myself included), challenge yourself to let your guard down by not having a perfectly straight line. I promise, you will survive!


7) Cut excess washi tape from the top of the heart.


8) Use double-sided adhesive along the back edges of the heart. For best results, get as close to the edge as you can. I always put a little extra in the middle too.


9) Center heart on blank folded card and press down. I used a standard A2 sized folded card (4 1/4" x 5 1/2"). Press down hard for 5-10 seconds to ensure that your beautiful heart isn't going anywhere!


Ta-da, you're done! Enjoy customizing your Valentine's Day cards for everyone special in your life.

If you're short pressed on time or cannot take notice of the amazing crafter you already are, please make sure to check out my Etsy shop for affordable Valentine's Day cards!