Do Unto Others, & Others Will Do Unto You

By: Honey Good

It’s been almost a year since I met J-Me. It happened in a most unconventional manner. It began with written dialogue on She was the writer.

I receive many comments from my readers. Why I responded to this stranger, actually going out of my way to meet her at the Ritz Carlton in Chicago for tea one bitter, cold afternoon, continues to puzzle me. Looking back I know it was meant to be!

I was at our winter home in California when her email arrived.

Dear Honey,

I live in Rockford, Illinois. I feel you are the only person I can turn to for sound advice. I read your blogs everyday and you inspire me. I am an Angel who runs a non-for-profit charity, Club Blue. We raise funds that provide for the safety and well being of children in poor neighborhoods. Please review the short videos. I hope I hear from you, Honey. I will drive into Chicago for the chance to meet you.

- J-Me.

Dear J-Me,

That I inspire you is quite the compliment! After I watched your short videos I would be happy to meet with you. My husband, Shelly and I spend the winter in California but do fly into Chicago often. We will be in the city next month for a few days. Let’s have ‘tea at the Ritz’ at 3:00 on November 18th?

Best, Honey

Dear Honey,

I can hardly wait! See you on the 18th at 3:00pm and thank you so much.

- J-Me

“Why am I meeting this woman!”, I asked myself over and over as I packed to spend three days in Chicago. “I have so much to accomplish in such a short time. I wish we had corresponded by email.”

The 18th arrived and I almost forgot to meet her! I had been racing around Chicago faster than the whirling dervish I watched whirling and whirling in Damascus, Syria. It was a cold day and I had a dentist appointment. I had thrown on an old pair of sweats, wore no make-up and covered my head with a stocking hat. I did wear my multi-colored fabulous coat with French sayings on it and my high-heeled boots because I never leave home without them!

I was sitting in the dentist chair with my mouth open and a clock staring at me on the wall when it suddenly dawned on me: “ I forgot! I have to meet J-Me at 3:00pm!” It was 2:45! Looking up at the dentist and pushing his hand away from my mouth I said, “I have to leave. I forgot I have an appointment!” And leave I did!

I raced outside in my bright multi -colored coat that resembled the coat Joseph gave his son, Jacob, and easily flagged down a taxi because you could not help but notice me in my coat!   

I jumped in and asked the driver to drive as fast as he could to the Ritz. I flew out of the taxi, raced to the elevator, pushed the button more than once hoping it would go faster and ran into the Ritz lobby with no make-up and my eyes darting around looking for this stranger, J-Me!

A tall pretty woman with blond hair and a red jacket stood up and greeted me with a warm hello and an “Oh my God, I love your coat and I love that you met me today!” as I plopped into a chair across from her totally out of breath and said,

“You almost didn’t!” We laughed over my story and then talked.

Her dilemma: Her event, three years old, was ‘over the top’ successful in raising funds for the children in Rockford. She wanted to take her idea into other cities and did not know how. Could I guide her into an answer?”

After a back and forth dialogue I discussed my thoughts with her.

J-Me was capable, charismatic and dedicated. I told her she should meet with a National Speaker’s Bureau and if they enrolled her in their program she would be able to tell her story across America. She possessed the passion to help others and the knowledge of event planning. Her little group of ten women took her idea and after three years raised monies in the six figures.

A few days later I received this email.

Dear Honey,

Thank you so much for taking time from your busy schedule to meet with me. As I expected you have inspired me! You are an amazing woman and I feel blessed to know you. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving and a safe trip to Washington. Please, let’s stay in touch.

- J-me

PS. My husband said he remembers your hubby, he thinks from YPO.

Dear J-me,

The feelings are mutual. Follow your dream. Live outside the box. Find the best Speaker Bureau to launch your plan. Your ability to teach others is far reaching. Keep in touch with me and I will do the same. Travel safe to North Carolina and enjoy turkey day with your family.

- Honey

Fast forward to today. We have kept in touch! We have had dinner three times with our husbands! We email and text one another often. Our friendship is established.

But the best part of the story and what I want to leave you with today, darlings, is the moral of my story.

On our second dinner date J-Me revealed to me that she had been a professional corporate event planner taking as many as four thousand corporate people at one time to Vegas for four-day events! I couldn’t believe it. She ran entire programs! And then she said to me: “Honey I would like to run an event for you because you were so kind to me. I can never repay you.”

As I lay in bed that night in our darkened bedroom with my main squeeze next to me my thoughts turned to “the story of J-me.” I decided I would tell this story to my grandchildren if the situation presented itself because I want them to know the importance of having the capacity to give, of themselves, to others. I will end by saying: Dear Grandchildren of mine: “Do unto others and others will do unto you.”

And to you darlings, if they don’t just ‘delete.’

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