Theories on Living a Healthier Life

By: Honey Good 

Spring has sprung! The flowers are peeking their little heads out of the earth. The buds are appearing on the trees and I am once again taking my hourly mourning walks with Orchid, working out doors in the park with Jeffrey, my trainer, go on my treadmill with the windows open in our apartment and walk to restaurants at night with my husband, Shelly, instead of “cabbing” it!

The seasons are the moods of the year. Our moods tend to follow the seasons. Though I lived in Honolulu where the season changes are subtle, my body felt different energies in summer, winter, spring and fall. Season changes are powerful. We feel and respond to life differently. Healthy living becomes a prominent factor in the Season of Spring.  

I have my common sense health theories and Dr. Oz has his facts. Let’s compare common sense with facts.

My Theories on Staying Healthy

  1. Optimism: I suppose we are born with optimism but I think if you make wise choices you can acquire it. Are you thinking about your choices?
  2. Love:  Be a loving person. Don’t be selfish. Are you giving enough of yourself?
  3. Exercise Program: Own a pet or go to the gym!  You will be forced to walk if you own a pooch. Walking has been proven to be the best exercise. If you prefer, take out a membership at a gym.  
  4. Family: Be an involved family member. Are you?
  5. Purpose: A purpose keeps your mind active. Are you bored with your life?
  6. Laughter: Spend your time with people who are positive. Do you?
  7. Yearly physical: Have a body check at the dermatologist. Check your eyes; visit your dentist, have your mammogram and see your internist. I am alive today because I do the above. 
  8. Remember: Life is a compromise. Don’t be too hard on yourself.

 Dr. Oz has his theory. - I read his article in Bottom Line Personal.

  1. Run For Five Minutes Every Day: A large study of over 55,000 adults found that those who ran five minutes a day lived 3 years longer. The benefits were the same no matter how long or far they ran. In other words a person who ran less than one hour a week had the same benefit as a runner who ran for 3 hours a week. 
  2. Drink Coffee: Drinking 3 or 4 cups of coffee a day caused a lower risk of death from any cause. The study included over 973,000 people.  
  3. Take Responsibility: In the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology those adults who took responsibility for their health and their daily life lived longer. To be a pro-active person adds years to “good” living.
  4. Volunteer: People who give get back. A review of multiply studies found those who volunteer have a 20% reduction in mortality and lower levels of depression. Giving enhances their satisfaction with life.
  5. Have Great Sex: This is hard to believe but true.  A Duke University research project spanning over fifteen years found that women who enjoyed sex on average lived 23 years longer!
  6. Stand Up:  For those who do not exercise regularly if you stand up you lower your mortality rate, says the Canada Fitness Survey.
  7. Look on the Not- So-Bright Side of Things: “A person with a positive attitude is blessed with a powerful tool in their “good life” arsenal. But it has been proven that those of us with a little pessimism are more realistic and less idealistic about our lives; therefore more cautious and tend to live longer than our optimistic friends,” says Dr. Oz.  

I think #7 under Honey Good’s Healthy List should be your first course of action. Be proactive about your health.

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