Dr. Recommended: Oil Your Face


I remember when I was in my early twenties my mother took me to a plastic surgeon. I had and still have, on the left side of my face, what my mother calls “my beauty mark.” My mother was worried that it may be dangerous. The plastic surgeon told us it should be left alone. Before leaving his office I was wondering what line of skin products I should purchase for my face so I would not age! I was under twenty-five years old. I will never forget his answer: “Dear, my advice is to stay out of the sun, away from the cosmetic counters where you will be enticed to buy expensive facial products that don’t work and just buy olive oil. It is a natural product.” I listened.

That wise plastic surgeon gave me great advise because almost forty years later my make-up saleswoman at Neiman Marcus approached me and informed me of two new product being hyped in make-up lines! Well ladies, what do you think? I describe it as Olive oil with chemicals. It looks like olive oil but it is not a natural product.

The two products I looked at that day at Neiman’s were: Sisley’s Black Rose Precious Face Oil and Fresh's Elixir Ansien. Though I’m not a plastic surgeon, I suggest you run out and buy your olive oil in the market!

Just put it in your shopping cart. Grapeseed Olive Oil is my choice. It is sumptuous and natural and makes your skin “feel” yummy. Tell your friends and relatives that the “secret to a beautiful skin” does not have to come out of an expensive bottle, a little olive oil will do!

Off to walk Orchid with sunblock and my favorite olive oil!